I feel obliged, as the presidential race becomes somewhat clearer, to weigh in with whatever semi-useful insights I have.

* Hillary is apparently finished as a presidential candidate. This is good news for us. All her Second Amendment b.s. aside, she despises guns and gun owners. A friend of mine at the National Shooting Sports Foundation ranks her and Chuck Schumer as the two senators who hate the Second Amendment most.

* Barack Obama doesn’t hate guns or gun owners, but he doesn’t see why there should be guns or gun owners, and would vote for any anti-gun law that landed on his desk. He might consider special exemptions for bitter rural people, but who knows?

* John McCain this past week went to the NRA Convention and revealed what a hell of a pro-gunner he is. However, if John McCain thought it would win him the election, he would go to the NRA and eat his grandchildren at the General Members’ Meeting. The temptation, therefore, is to assume that McCain is just shining us on; however, he has the uncomfortable habit of speaking the truth every now and then.

* On the other hand, when he does this, he immediately panics and changes his story. So who knows?

* In 2009, Congress will almost certainly be controlled by Democrats.

* However, Congress will remain just as gutless and feckless as it was under the Republicans. So who knows?

* The Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment is due next month. Any laws proposed by Congress will have to take into account what the Supremes say, pro or con. So who knows?

I am going off to look at photos of Ms. Jaime Pressley.

-– _ In response to overwhelming demand, here is a photo of Ms. Jaime Pressly. Ms. Pressly has the power to cloud mens’ minds. If you feel dizzy or faint, stop looking immediately and switch to a photo of Rosie O’Donnell until your system returns to normal._