In accordance with an upcoming article, I’ve been trying to understand black gunnery, and have come up with the following:

Some people hunt varmints with them.

Some keep them as “pickup” guns, or utility rifles.

Some engage in organized competition with them.

A comparatively small number hunts big game with them.

But the overwhelming majority buy them simply to have them on hand, much as you are supposed to have flashlights, water, food, and medical supplies on hand for an emergency.

I think this is a hell of a good idea, and you may want one yourself, but are having trouble justifying the money they cost. (The new Smith & Wesson Military and Police, for example, is $1,700.) So I have gone to the trouble of compiling a list of social and natural causes which may bring the kind of chaos that will make the money invested in a black gun the smartest you ever spent.

*Climate changes. They're here, and hurricanes are only the beginning.
*The growing gap between the super rich and everyone else.
*Hillary R. Clinton
*Osama Bin Laden and friends
*A Congress that can't control its bodily functions, much less solve major problems.
*A pandemic. The last one was in 1919 and killed 50 million people worldwide. We're due.
*A major natural disaster. Tsuami, earthquake, Yellowstone blowing, etc.
*Hillary R. Clinton

Get yours now! And don’t forget extra magazines, ammo, and cleaning kit.