1. In April of 06, I was talking about bears with a British Columbia guide who claimed that grizzlies attack humans for territorial reasons, but that black bears do it as a means of obtaining dinner, and will actually stalk a choice two-legged morsel as does a puma. I’d never heard this before, but today, I saw the same information in Jeff Cooper’s Gunsite Gossip. So it must be true. However, I’m certain that the brown bear who nailed Timothy Treadwell was simply irritated beyond endurance.

2. I’ve often ranted about how the news media screws up any fact relating to guns, but they often fall far short when dealing with the military as well. Earlier this year, for example, in The New York Times, it referred to a soldier whose body had been shipped home from Iraq as having received the Combat Action Ribbon. No, sorry. The CAR is awarded to naval personnel and Marines. Soldiers who have been shot at get the Combat Infantry Badge. You see this stuff all the time. They do not know, and do not know that they do not know.

3. This is kind of far from guns, but I have to pass it along. Years ago I knew a Marine who served in World War II. He makes it home alive and is discharged at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. Now a civilian, although still in uniform, he leaves the Yard and whom does he see but the very Drill Instructor who broke his nose when he was a boot at Parris Island. He steps up and breaks the Drill Instructor’s nose, introduces himself, and they both go off to have a beer and celebrate the end of the war.