Before we get to the subject of this entry, I have to tell you that I don’t care for the word “blog.” It sounds vaguely disgusting, as in: “The X-rays show that you have a large blog in your mastoid sinus cavity, and it has to come out.” Or: “I shouldn’t have had the refried beans last night. I’ve got a terrible case of blog butt this morning.” If I had told my old mom that someday I would be writing for something called a blog, she probably would have burst into tears.

But enough of that. I’m told that one of the purposes of blogs is to direct readers to other sources of information. So I would like to commend to you Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries, a collection of thoughts on military affairs, history, hunting, firearms and ammunition, the English language, and American culture. You can read the commentaries by clicking here. For those of you who live in outer darkness and have not heard of Colonel Cooper, he is a former Marine, a gun writer for nigh unto 50 years, one of the Main Thinkers on the subject of combat handgunning and rifle marksmanship, and an elegant and always-interesting writer.

I’ve been a fan of his since the summer of 1958 when I got hold of a Cooper book on custom rifles and was hopelessly hooked. God knows how much money that damned book has cost me since. Colonel Cooper is not shy about expressing his political views, or any other kind of views, and I don’t always agree with him, but I’ve always found him worth reading.

Cooper’s Commentaries spans 1993-2006. If you read them, you may not be a better person, but you will be a lot better informed person.