Surprise! New Jersey’s Bear Attacks Are Up

What could be more predictable.

From the New Jersey Herald:
_Another bear, another injured dog, another trap set in someone's back yard.

And it appears to be happening more this year with 10 attacks on animals — livestock, dog or rabbits — compared with just four incidents, none involving dogs, in the same period last year.

Overall, the state Department of Environmental Protection has received substantially more bear complaints this year than last, including a more than 37 percent increase in what it terms "Category 1" calls. That category includes such cases as attacks on animals, entering or trying to get into a home, human attacks, tent or vehicle entry, aggressive bears and going after bee hives.

Category 2 complaints, which include things like raiding a camp site, provoked dog attacks, garbage, nuisance and other property damage, are also up just over 32 percent._