Safari Outfitters Ltd. Is a high-end gun store in Salt Point, NY, that is owned by Niles Wheeler. Niles is one of the finest human beings in the world, shoots left-handed, and has a soft spot for the directionally challenged. There are almost always a couple of nifty left-handed rifles (and sometimes even shotguns) in the racks, and since he knows a lot of sinistral shooters, he can often get hold of something left-handed when others can’t.

Even as you read this, he has one of the most unusual dangerous-game rifles I’ve ever seen. It’s a .416 Taylor, built on a left-hand Remington 700 action, and converted to controlled feed. The rifle is what’s known as a “project” gun–it passed through the hands of 15 top gunsmiths (the list reads like a who’s who of the greats) each of whom did something nifty to it. If there is a refinement that could be added, I don’t know what it might be.

It ain’t cheap, but for what it is, the price is very reasonable ($6,495). You can see the rifle, and find out more about the store by going to

There are also two Winchester Custom Shop left-hand Model 70s that were made for one of Niles’ customers; one is a .30/06, the other a .300 Win Mag. Both have full-fancy walnut stocks, stainless actions, and half-octagon, half-round stainless barrels. Both are NIB with all the tags and papers. I doubt that there are any other rifles in the world like these, and Winchester collectors as well as southpaws ought to pounce on them.