One of the rules of probability states that if you forced a million chimps to type for a million years, they would eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, or “It Takes a Village,” I forget which. Similarly, the endless stream of Clinton/Obama verbiage was bound to produce a nugget or two of truth, and a couple of days ago, we got a couple.

According to Barrack Obama, citizens who are bitter about their economic hardships “…cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…” as a way to explain their frustrations. Hillary, sensing blood, immediately called him an elitist, and went on to say that “Americans who believe in the Second Amendment believe it’s a constitutional right.”

Barack Obama (Harvard Law) is of course an elitist, and he is an urban elitist, and among these folk, interest in or ownership of firearms is viewed as anything from a quaint aberration to a dangerous form of psychosis. Hillary is, if anything, more of an elitist, and what is really fascinating about her statement is her use of the word “believe.” Believe means that you think something may be true, but you can’t prove it, so you have to go part of the way on faith.

“I believe the Yankees will blow it again this year.”

“I believe I’m going to throw up.”

Hillary Clinton (Yale Law) does not necessarily accept the Second Amendment as the law of the land. If you believe in it, she says, it is the law. If you don’t believe in it, by implication, it isn’t.

In the meanwhile, Hillary (who as First Lady urged Congress to buck the gun lobby; at least I think the word was buck) continues to prattle about her father teaching her to shoot, and Governor Ed Rendell, who is one of the worst of the anti-gun governors, blathers on about the great traditions of hunting and sportsmanship in Pennsylvania.

I believe I’m going to throw up.