Book good. Not have to turn book off and on. Can read book in bathroom. Can throw book at cat when cat knock porcelain vase off shelf.

Anyway, here are two real good books that you should know about. The first is Wild and Fair: Tales of Hunting Big Game in North America, edited by Tom McIntyre and published by Safari Press. Tom has rounded up 23 people who have hunted a lot and can actually write and had them contribute short chapters on whatever they wanted to write on whatever type of hunting they chose.

This book will not relieve the heartache of psoriasis, or cure bad breath in dogs, or show you how to factor Chandler’s wobble into a doe’s estrous cycle. But, on the other hand, you can actually read the sumbitch for the fun of it, which is the object of the drill, and pretty scarce these days.

The second book won’t be out until late this year. It’s the revise/update of Safari Rifles, written by Craig Boddington in 1991. (This one will be called, logically enough, Safari Rifles II.) Since then, the book has gone on to become the definitive work in the field, eclipsing even John Taylor’s African Rifles and Cartridges. Craig has been on 75 safaris. I will say that again: Craig has been on 75 safaris, and has no axes to grind, so his is the most impartial and best grounded advice available. It’s also a Safari Press book. Watch for it.