There are few things I enjoy as much as hunting out of a treestand in the Deep South, assuming that I don’t step on a serpent, or see a serpent, or get involved with redbugs. If you would like to try it, and don’t want to appear gauche or lacking in taste and culture, you need a beanfield rifle, which is a heavy, small-caliber rifle with which you overlook a patch of oats, or corn, or a beanfield, and wait for a deer to materialize.

One of the best beanfield rifles I’ve ever seen is the Savage Model 110FP. It’s a police tactical rifle, and is chambered for the .300 Win Mag, which you don’t want, and the .25/06, which is one of the best beanfield-rifle calibers around. Why Savage chambers it in this caliber is beyond me, because every other tactical rifle in the world is made in .223, .308, and .300 Win Mag, and precious little else. But they do, and we should be thankful.

It’s comprised of the standard Savage bolt action, their world-beating Accu-Trigger, a heavy, 24-inch barrel, and a butt-ugly black synthetic stock. The whole rifle is dull black, in fact, even the bolt. According to the Savage catalog, the 110FP weighs 7.25 pounds, but whoever wrote this was smoking something that wasn’t good for them. It weighs more than that, which is to your advantage.

Best of all is the price, $621 list, for a rifle that will certainly shoot a minute-of-angle, and probably a good deal better.

And I have to pass this along. Years ago, I was shooting at a public range alongside a police sniper who was practicing, and I heard him singing this, very softly. It was a parody of the 60’s hit “People,” sung by the nightmarish Barbra Streisand:

He sang it over and over, just that one verse. Cops perfect a kind of sly, bitter humor early on or they go mad.