Earlier this month, we asked you to weigh in on West Virginia Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey’s proposed legislation to allow children to receive hunter training in school. Most of you thought it was a great idea. Predictably, the national media not only didn’t agree but made hay with the proposal’s vague wording.

The bill has since been revised. Here’s the latest from The Charleston Gazette:
_National news organizations and late-night comedians had a field day a couple of weeks ago when state Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey, D-Wyoming, introduced a proposal to train high-school students in the use of firearms.

Bailey’s aim – if you’ll pardon the pun – was to ensure that students had access to the firearms training needed to pass the state’s hunter safety education class. But the bill he introduced wasn’t worded that way. . . .

Fortunately for all concerned – and especially for students who enjoy hunting and hope someday to purchase hunting licenses – Bailey’s bill has been amended into a much more palatable form._

Check out the full story for details on the revised bill.