If you’ve been following along on this one, you know that North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa recently stopped serving donated venison at food pantries after high levels of lead were found in meat samples scanned by Dr. William Cornatzer, a Bismarck physician and hunter (see our previous news coverage ).

Now, Iowa officials have given pantries the green light to resume serving deer meat, based on additional testing. Here’s the latest, from the Globe Gazette:

_Ten samples of ground venison from a food pantry were tested by the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory last weekend. All had less than 1 part per million of lead, eight had no detectable amounts and two had only trace amounts. . . .

“Based on the samples that were analyzed and the extensive data currently available through blood testing of Iowans by our department, no additional tests of the venison are necessary,” said Ken Sharp, director of the environmental health division of the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH)._

Check out the full story. Does this allay any concerns you may have had?