As the controversy over lead contamination in venison rages on (see our previous coverage), the North Dakota doctor and hunter whose CT scans of 95 packages of meat started it all is echoing the call from many hunters (as well as readers of this blog): “Somebody needs to do additional studies.”

Here’s the latest, from the Grand Forks Herald:

_“This is a preliminary study. This is not something that’s the end-all of research that needs to be done on this,” said Dr. William Cornatzer, the Bismarck dermatologist who tested ground venison samples. “Somebody needs to do additional studies looking at deer that have been shot in various areas (of the body).

“This was not a big study, and it doesn’t tell us all the answers._

Cornatzer does, however, defend his limited study as valid. Be sure to check out the full article, which covers the whole issue in depth and with fresh details.