A guest post from shooting editor and shotguns columnist Phil Bourjaily.

Spend even a few minutes searching for “guns” on YouTube and you’ll stumble across some mind-bogglingly irresponsible behavior with firearms. Like what you see in the clip above. This guy fires a shotgun without shooting glasses, without ear plugs . . . and without a cup.

Since this is a ballistic blog, I calculated the recoil of what am I guessing are those Wal-Mart promotional loads you buy in boxes of 100. In a 7-1/2 pound gun they generate 19.65 foot-pounds of recoil. That’s about a quarter of the force of a punch, but clearly this shotgun hit hard enough to put our shooter down for the count.

What’s baffling and more than a little disturbing about this clip is that there a bunch more videos on the Internet just like it. Do people see this and think “Sweet!” and run out to try it themselves? Is viral stupidity contagious? Is this some kind of voluntary self-sterilization program for morons? I’ve got lots of questions and no answers for this one.

–Phil Bourjaily

A Note from Dave: What you see here only appears to be terminally stupid. I recall that when we were introduced to the M-14 in basic training, the instructor would put the buttplate on his chin and fire off a round, and then do the same in his groin. At least I think I remember this. The object of the demonstration was to show all us girlie-men that the M-14 didn’t kick much and we shouldn’t be afraid of it.