There’s a lot of boring junk out there on the fishing and hunting forums, but hidden between that millionth McCain/Obama debate and those pictures of some dude’s lucky socks you can sometimes find really neat stuff. That’s why we’ve tasked our plucky intern with searching it out. He’s been prowling the forums long after the nine-to-fivers have punched the clock, hunting for the most interesting photos, videos, stories, and debates of the week. Here’s his first attempt. Help him out by sending links to

Video: Surf fishing for great whites (
Topic: “Dope the deer and cut off the horns” (
Topic: Losing your wedding band (
Pics: Ugly fish contest (
Pics: A pocketbook-buck (
Pics: Dead whale feeding frenzy (
Pics: Angry squirrel vs. hungry owl (
Pics: World record bait. (
Pics: Hoax buck on Ohio DNR site? (
Pics: This is one funky-looking fish. (