*The four best deer hunters I’ve ever known were all smokers. Two of them smoked cigarettes and absolutely reeked of it, while the third merely smelled. The pipe smoker smelled a little bit. It didn’t seem to matter. If there was a deer around, they’d get it.

*I’ve seen the same thing in such diverse places as Quebec, Alaska, and Africa. The people who reek the worst seem to get game anyway.

*On at least half a dozen occasions when I had been very far from soap and water for a number of days and did not smell like lilacs, I’ve had deer come within a dozen feet of me.

*Some people smell worse than others. I’ve walked into cabins and tents where it smelled like a troop of baboons had just left. How a little charcoal sprinkled in fabric would act as a barrier to that olfactory onslaught is beyond me. (One of the key abetters of body odor is all the supposedly odor-proof poly underwear that’s in use.)

Rather than spend money on stench-blocking clothing, you would do better to pay attention to the wind, be careful how you move, and don’t trip over stuff. Unglamorous, but it works.