Somewhere back in the .338 blogs someone asked about bullets. Here’s what I know about bullets. The last bad bullet I saw was in 1988. It was a short-lived version of the Winchester Silvertip (not to be confused with the present Ballistic Silvertip) that blew apart upon encountering dense pockets of air, drifting milkweed, or blown kisses. Winchester got so much heat for this that they came out with one of the best bullets ever, the Fail-Safe, and the whole industry took a lesson and began testing its bullets much more thoroughly and much more realistically.

Since then, everything I’ve used at any length has been terrific. This includes:
Swift A-Frames, Swift Scirocco IIs, Remington Core-Lokt Ultras, Garrett Cartridges’ hard-lead Hammerheads, Hornady Interloks, Hornady solids, Nosler Accubond, Barnes XXX, and Winchester Ballistic Silvertips.

The most impressive have been the Swifts. I have yet to recover a Scirocco; they expand and go through everything deer-sized I’ve shot with them. The A-Frames are simply unreal. I have shot the following unfortunate creatures with them: Alaska moose, .338, 275 grain; common eland, .375, 300 grain, Cape buffalo, .416, 400-grain, and lesser beasts with smaller bullets. Of the A-Frames I’ve been able to recover, weight retention has always been over 90 percent, and the mushrooming has always been perfect.

And then there is the Nosler Partition. Any man who would say a hard word against the Partition would spit on the flag.