Who’s The Number One Anti-Gun?

It occurs to me that seldom in recent memory have there been so many anti-gunners yowling and yammering at us, and so, in the great tradition of bloggery, I think it's time to take a poll: Who is the worst of them all?

In order that this project be conducted to the highest scientific standards, I'd like you to consider three factors in making your decision:

1. Extremism of views.
2. Ability to do us real damage.
3. General loathsomeness of personality.

And so, here is your list of candidates. Please choose only one, and keep your remarks brief.

*Mayor Michael Bloomberg
*Sen. Chuck Schumer
*Sen. Hillary Clinton
*Rep. Nancy Pelosi
*Rosie O'Donnell
*Sarah Brady
*Sen. Diane Feinstein
*Sen. Ted Kennedy
*Rep. Caroline O'Connor McCarthy
*A dark horse of your choice

Have at it.