Who Doesn't Love Ya?

In 1993, Mrs. McCarthy's husband and son were shot on a Long Island Railroad commuter train by one Colin Ferguson, who had bought a handgun (legally) in California and used it to make his feelings known
by killing six people and wounding 19. Mrs. McCarthy's son survived, but her husband died. Mrs. McCarthy was elected to Congress in 1996, and has served 6 terms.

Guns are never far from her mind, and if you would like to have terror struck into your heart, go to carolynmccarthy.house.gov; from there to "On the Issues," and from there to what is euphemistically called "Gun Safety," but might be more accurately called "We're coming for yours." It is a doozer, particularly H.R. 2038, which she co-sponsored with New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, and which is her masterwork.

It's not described on her website, so to read it you'll have to go to here. It's worth the effort, and you'll never think of Hillary in quite the same way again.