I’m indebted to Brian R. Peterson of our Los Angeles office for this one.

Savile Row is the London street that is home to most of the city’s bespoke (which is British for custom) men’s clothing stores, and for 200 years, the firm of Gieves & Hawkes has been among the most famous of these.

G&H offers a shoe called the Buckshot Brogue. It’s a dress Oxford wing-tip that has little perforations in its toe. But with a difference.


In order to achieve a non-symmetrical pattern to the tiny holes, G&H shot a shoe from a distance of 12 feet, thereby probably breaking at least 12 of Britain’s strange laws. The pellet pattern in the shot shoe was transferred to a computer, which adapted the pattern to left and right shoes.

They’re $400 if you’re interested in buying a pair. [ Gieves & Hawkes ]