There are only two cases I’ve used that have not eventually been put out of action. One is the Pelican gun case which is sold by Cabela’s. The other is the Bear Track, which is made and sold by Freedom Arms. The Pelican (the big two-gun model) weighs a ton and is made out of some kind of super-strength plastic with very simple, strong locks and handle. Even if you don’t need a two-gun case it’s a good idea because you can put other stuff in it and the ramp apes can’t throw it as far as they can a single-gun case.

Bear Track Cases are made of aluminum and stainless steel, and are ungodly strong. They were developed by an Alaska bush pilot, and have camming locks, a fold-flat handle that can’t be broken, and a general air of indestructibility. Mine has eight trips through the airlines, and its sole souvenir is a tiny chip of paint that was knocked off.

And a tip: If your case uses padlocks, take an extra one. If your locks use keys, take an extra. Take an extra tag for the gun case.

Years ago, the very famous publisher of a gun magazine had his rifles sealed in a big PVC pipe, which had “DANGER. MEDICAL WASTE. HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE.” stenciled on it. No one screwed with his guns. But I don’t think you could get away with that any more.