A guest-written gear review by Executive Editor Mike Toth

 De-Dorking the Middle-Age Gunner

The PR: Via a licensing agreement with Jackson Safety Products, Winchester Ammunition [ ] is introducing a line of affordable shooting glasses. Both lenses and frames come in various colors, and models come with various features, such as interchangeable lenses, UV protection, and — thank you, Winchester — magnification inserts.

The Takeaway: I’m one of those 40-and-over people who needs to use those damnable reading glasses in order to see any print closer than an arms-length away. That includes, of course, all those words and numbers on shell boxes and in game-law compendiums. The Reader series of Sport Glasses, which has magnification inserts, means I will never again have to walk around a rifle range, clays course, or pheasant field wearing reading glasses under my safety lenses, which makes me feel both old AND stupid looking.

The Cost: MSRP for the Readers is only $14. Other models vary from $12 to $30, with the Elite Series costing $95.—Mike Toth