Blogger’s note: The following has nothing to do with guns, but so what? A good letter deserves an answer

This is in response to a gentleman named O. Garcia, who commented on March 5th on my blog regarding gunwriters, specifically, the scarcity of good new ones. Mr. Garcia pointed out that younger gunwriters don’t write like old gunwriters because American English, both spoken and written, has changed an astonishing amount in a very few years.

Amen to that, brother. There’s nothing wrong with change in a language (else I would have to write in the manner of Wm. Shakespeare if I wanted to make a living), but the quality has declined. If you’d like proof of this, listen to our President’s daily losing battle to get a coherent sentence out of his mouth. (And he a Yale graduate, no less). Then compare it with Franklin Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy or Harry Truman (who didn’t even go to college). Bubba Clinton might have been OK if he could have grasped the concept that you have to shut up once in a while.