From the Jackson Hole News & Guide:

_It’s Monday, and up Pilgrim Creek, in an outfitter camp just south of the Teton Wilderness, a 600-pound eating machine with a nose 2,000 times more powerful than a human’s is lurking in the bushes. . . .

As owner of Shoal Creek Outfitters, Scott Millward is used to grizzly bear intrusions. . . .

Soon [he] will have a little surprise for this ursine usurper: a flimsy, white mesh fence that encircles the campsite and is attached to a small solar panel. When the snout of an inquisitive bear pokes through the mesh, completing the circuit, he’ll get 7,000 volts across his nerve endings.

The electric barrier is part of a new Wyoming Game and Fish program to explore how well these fences perform under the rigors of an outfitter camp. Millward is one of four outfitters, two on the Bridger-Teton and two on the Shoshone, participating in the program._