In previous posts I have mentioned a number of factory rifles that would really shoot, but it comes to me now that I neglected to mention two of the best. One is the Weatherby Accu-Mark, and the other is the Weatherby Vanguard Sub-MOA, which is made by Howa in Japan. (A word about Howa. Their rifles first appeared in the U.S. in about 1967, and were sold under the name Golden Bear. The impression they made was roughly the same that Honda automobiles made on Detroit when the first appeared. “Holy s**t,” said everyone, “how can they build something that good at that price?” And nothing has changed since. They build a hell of a rifle.)

The Sub-MOA rifles are flat-out guaranteed to shoot sub-moa, and are supplied with a target attesting to that fact. They sell for $860, and you will probably have to spend a few more bucks having the trigger tuned, but it is some bargain. I don’t know if Weatherby puts an accuracy guarantee on the Accu-Mark, but the one I have, a .300 WBY, shoots three loads into .900-inch, .903-inch, and .670-inch, which suits me fine. It is not a cheap gun at $1,800, but think of it as a $4,000 gun at a bargain price. They really take some pains with this one. Excellent fit and finish, decent trigger (but no better) and one of the smoothest barrels I have looked down (up?) with a borescope. It would be very interesting to load it with match-grade bullets and see what it does.

By the way, just to be completely honest, this is one of the very, very few rifles I’ve ever been given. Ed Weatherby presented it to me on the condition that I please shut up and leave him alone. And I have, more or less.