In a word, yes.

From eMediaWire:

_Quail Unlimited announced today a new Canine Lifetime Membership category including a web site for posting of photographs and biographies of dogs owned by it’s membership.

“We created the Quail Unlimited Canine Lifetime Hall of Fame™ to honor the substantial contributions dogs make in our lives, and to recognize their owners and handlers like no one else” [QU Director of Marketing Craig] Alderman said. “By creating the QU Lifetime Canine Hall of Fame, hosted on there is now a web site to visit that will show your dog and you for all to see and read about.”_

And the best part: There are no minimum standards, no voting process, and no limit to the number of dogs you can induct. Just pay $200 to join QU and your psycho setter who chases deer all day and barks all night can be an instant Hall of Famer.

Of course, QU is a great organization. Obviously, this new bit of marketing is harmless. Clearly, I’m just having some fun here. But it does beg the question: Should they really call it a Hall of Fame?