Unless you’ve been in a sound-proof booth all day, you’ve learned a thing or two about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. She hunts, she’s a member of the NRA, and as of today, she’s also the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee.
Of course, there hasn’t been a lot of time to get to know her yet, but the media has been broadcasting a number of now-familiar bytes: Ms. Palin is a self described “hockey mom,” mother of 5, and made history in 2006 by becoming the first woman governor of Alaska. According to her official biography, she’s an avid hunter (with at least one photo posted there to prove it), and enjoys fishing with her family in Bristol Bay. According to her Wikipedia page, as a child she would get up before school to hunt moose with her father, and she now enjoys eating moose burgers and ice fishing.
Clearly the John McCain campaign has found a fresh-faced Washington outsider with the potential to woo still-disgruntled supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Interesting that the choice of running mate should also be such an outdoorswoman. As Ms. Palin introduces herself to the American public at the Republican nominating convention this week, I’ll be very curious to see how much her identity as a hunter and fisherman factors into the portrait she paints of herself.
What’s your first read on Mr. McCain’s new right hand man, and how surprised were you by the choice? -K.H.