I watched them for at least an hour… probably longer. Dozens of permit. Schooling, swimming back and forth, arrogantly cruising, snubbing their noses at my offering.

Granted I was with Brian Hodges of staring through four inches of glass waving what was left of my breakfast trying to convince thirty pound permit to come just a bit closer. They were not having it. That’s what permit do – ignore you.

This was as close as I’ve ever been to landing a permit. Not very, I’m afraid.

I’m all for Deeter going deep in the name of permit research (see previous post). Probably one of, if not the most sought after fish on a fly.

Deeter if you take me up on this objective I wish you luck. Start now and we might see you again in 2010. Do me a favor if you will… While your down there studying those wily fish, give ole’ mr. permit the big middle finger from me and ask him why he refuses to eat my fly.