Misty Morning Monarch
Monster 10-pt in a bean field with his younger buddies.
-Daniel Myers.
You’re Not Mom?
Twin fawns with a boxy three point buck. -Justin Kilmer
Splashin’ Around
Oregon bull elk getting ready for the rut at the local wallow. -dodgeguy360
Massive Forky And His Studly Younger Brother
I was able to sneak within bow range of both of these bucks multiple times. Too bad I had already filled my tag :). They made for good practice of my stalking abilities. – BigGameAndGameB.
New Mexico Bachelors
Group of bucks coming to water. Shot my buck a few days later off of the hill in the background. -BigGameAndGameB.
New Mexico Bucks
Perfect timing as he jumped the fence while the smaller buck watched. -BigGameAndGameB.
Birds Of A Feather
Think this crow thought he could be a turkey! -Big Moe
The Legend
I’ve been chasing this deer since I found a shed antler in 2006, it’s taken many many years, miles and hours to be able to capture the shots that I did. Check out him fighting off the competition!! Many other shed antlers and encounters have happened since 06 but the legend lives on. – talltinertrecker
Coyote And Doe
Coyote and Doe in the same food plot -awitek2
Perfect Timing
Showing off for the bushnell hd! —RedBeard-Bowtech
Midnight Snack
The two biggest bucks on our hit list! -Dwoutdoors
The Monster Buck
This is a huge buck for the Ouachita Mts. More than one hunter has been trying to get him for a couple of years. He’s a bit of a legend here and is rarely seen in daylight, even on camera. Picture is from the end of August over my salt lick. Since the first week of October, I haven’t gotten any more pictures of him. -jedi6004
Magestic horizon deer. -ditty1919
Shake It Off
I had my trail cam by a crossing in a slough and the river rose; forcing these deer to seek higher ground. -Leon
Lucky Little Fievel
My trail cam caught ol’ Archimedes mid-flight after an attempt to swoop down and nab little Fievel in the picture before! Fievel made a quick move to the West! -kyleculwell
Throw Me A Life Jacket!
North Texas flood put this pasture under water. Just this evening, a week later, I was able to get out there and check my cameras. I actually had one completely submerged, so winning this contest would be an excellent way to replace it! -Jwendt
Surfing The Web
Never saw this spider web. It was gone before I checked the camera. Never seen it before or since. -benrehder
Anybody Home?
Peak a Boo!! -avery30
The Definition Of Fall
Photo was taken in the fall of 2012, and remains my favorite trail-cam picture to date. It is the perfect definition of fall. -Paulrcollins34
Rocky Mountain Grizz
Taken in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta. There was a particularly good berry crop this year, so this bear has been well fed. -Graham Brown
Standing Tall
Deer and licking branch. _-oldgene _
He’s Got No Tag, So I’ve Got No Problems…
This stopped and posed on several occasions on this same setup; I didn’t draw a tag this year deer so he knew he was safe! -JL_D
Big Bruiser In The Setting Sun
During the rut bull moose move around quite a bit. I found a well worn moose highway deep in the wilderness of Northern Minnesota. _-rpennesi _
Black Elk
Oregon bull elk that bathed at the wallow and came out a little dirtier than when he went in!! -dodgeguy360
Maryland’s Best Kept Secret (Sika Deer)
This is a mature sika stag coming out of the marsh in Maryland carrying frag. Sika were released in Maryland in the 1920s and are flourishing in the marsh. They bugle like elk and have the best tasting meat I have ever had. -Coyle2016
Shedding Velvet
Velvet still hanging on antlers. -northmen
Saskatchewan Sunset Buck
Staging in the timber before heading to the open fields. _-Kent Scott _
Does In The Frost Early morning frost and fog as the does return to their bedding area. _-Kent Scott _
Standing Tall
Deer and licking branch. -oldgene
Rinse Off
I had my trail cam by a crossing in a slough and the river rose; forcing these deer to seek higher ground. -Leon

Congratulations to Daniel Myers for winning Round I of our fall trail camera contest. Enter your best trail cam shots into Round II here.