Check out these instructions for making a daisy chain out of widgets found in bottles of Guinness Draught. This little rig is killer for trolling up everything from school-sized tuna, to Spanish mackerel to dolphin. - Joe Cermele**** **Step ... 1.** Consume (or I suppose dump out) a bottle of Guinness Draught. 2. Wrap and old towel around the empty bottle, smack with hammer, remove widget. (You need at least 4 to make a daisy chain).
3. Using a small jigsaw or hand saw, cut off the flat back end of the widget. 4. Punch or drill a small hole through the nose of the widget. 5. Paint the widget with spray paint. Add flash tape or eyes as desired. Sticking a dowel in the back of the widget makes it easier to hold for painting, and can be easily clamped in a vise to allow the widget to dry.
6. Cut a 3-foot length of 60-pound leader material. Crimp a hook to one end. 7. Slide your first widget down the leader. The bend of the hook will stop it.
8. Add another crimp above the hook bait at your desired position. Slide on two 1/4-ounce egg sinkers and two plastic spacer beads from the craft store. The beads will click together on the troll and add a sound element. Then slide on the next widget. Continue this step until all widgets are in place.
9. Crimp a loop into the end of the leader. 10. Troll it!