On our third and last day of the trip, we get ready on the boat ramp at the beginning of the B Section of the Green River. We've been told to expect better dry fly action on this stretch of river--mostly on terrestrials--as well as more and bigger brown trout. Kevin Cooley
Jeff Taniguchi, president of TU’s Uintah Basin casts to the left bank. Pretty much all day, we were fishing a double dry fly rig: a Chernobyl Ant and a Triple Double. Kevin Cooley
This section doesn’t have the impressive red canyon walls that line the A Section, but you can still see why TU is trying to achieve federal “Scenic” designation for the Green River to ensure that the river remains this beautiful. Kevin Cooley
Bruce Smithhammer (left), a freelance writer and guide in Jackson Hole, and TU’s Steven Brutger target some rising browns. Kevin Cooley
The TU Crew: Kathy Lynch, counsel for Trout Unlimited’s Wyoming Water Project Kevin Cooley
The TU Crew: Casey Snider, Northeaster Utah Coordinator Kevin Cooley
The TU Crew: Dave Glenn, Backcountry Lands Director Kevin Cooley
The TU Crew: Steven Brutger, Wyoming Energy Coordinator for Trout Unlimited’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project Kevin Cooley
The TU Crew: Jeff Taniguchi, president of Trout Unlimited’s Uintah Basin Chapter Kevin Cooley
Kevin Ermey, a freelance photographer and fishing guide, had the hot hand on the river today. Here’s a nicer-than-average rainbow he caught in the morning. Kevin Cooley
Kathy Lynch gets some pointers for maneuvering her drift boat through the B Section’s wildest rapids. From what I hear, she handled them like a seasoned Green River guide. Kevin Cooley
Here, Ermey cradles another nice trout…certainly bigger than any I caught all day. Kevin Cooley
Having survived the rapids, Lynch takes a much-deserved break from rowing to fish. Kevin Cooley
Nine miles from the put-in, our boats begin to drift toward the take-out at the end of the B Section. As promised, the stretched provided amazing dry-fly fishing and bigger brown trout. Plus, given that the access points are more remote than they are on the A Section, we avoided the much-dreaded “tube hatch” that we saw on day one. Kevin Cooley
In the past three days I’ve caught tons of trout, seen even more wildlife, and explored some of the most awesome country I’ve ever seen. I also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people and making new friends. After all of that, I’m even more convinced that the Outlaw Triangle is one of the best wild places in the country. I hope you go there soon and see for yourself. Kevin Cooley

Senior Editor Colin Kearns and photographer Kevin Cooley spent three days exploring what’s at stake in the battle for water in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the consequences of irresponsible drilling for oil and gas in Wyoming’s Little Mountain region. Here’s what they found on day three.