_Week 1 Winner (Landscapes): Submitted by Joe Cantrell
_ "The drama of the sky is very powerful in Joe's image," says Rich Hohne from Simms. "Joe captures that drama with precision in this winning photo.".
Week 2 Winner (Fishing With Friends): Submitted by Patrick Willauer “Everyone loves fishing with a buddy,” says Rich Hohne, who is part of the Simms team selecting the weekly winners. “And everyone really loves a double when fishing with a friend.”
Week 3 Winner (Extreme Fishing): Submitted by Mark Huber This one struck a personal chord with Rich Hohne from Simms, who lives in Montana. “Anyone who lives in a cold climate sometimes has to push the extreme to get on the water,” says Hohne.
Week 4 Winner (Fishing With Kids): Submitted by Tiffany Beckman. “This photo has everything,” says Rich Hohne, one of the judges at Simms. “It’s a nice sunny day, it shows camaraderie on the water and there’s a pink fishing rod!”
Week 5 Winner (Underwater): Submitted by Adam Barbour “The colors are what stood out the most. The fish is clear and the reflections of the fish make it really pop”, says Nick English, member of the Simms Marketing Team.