702+ Pound Blue Caught at Miss. Gulf Coast Billfish Classic They say records are meant to be broken. If that's the case, sportfishing history was made on June 10 when four blue marlin were brough to the scales at the Point Cadet Marina during the first day of the 15th annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic. This is the first time that many blues were weighed on the first day scales were open. Cole Casady of Corpus Christi, TX was the biggest winner so far after he and his team weighed in a 702.5-pound blue. For the Full Story, Click Here..
Swordfish and Sailfish Gallery from The Gulf of Mexico Captain Shayne runs offshore trips into the Gulf of Mexico out of Freeport, Texas and on a recent adventure, they had a very memorable outing. In one day, their clients fought six swordfish for a total of 15 hours. They also brought in eight wahoo, a sailfish and a swordfish estimated at 400 pounds. See the rest of the photos and full story here.
Was a Potential TX Record Kingfish Halved by Sharks? A poster shares his sad story of a kingfish that was brough all the way to the gaff only to have it turn into a meal for sharks while fishing out of Matagorda, TX. For the full story click here.
Caymans Angler Fights Off Sharks With a Machete While Aussie Woman Sets World Swimming Mark Penny Palfrey, a 48-year-old grandmother from north Queensland, Australia set the world record this Sunday for the longest unassisted ocean solo swim, by traversing 67.25 miles between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman Islands. The swim lasted just under 41 hours, as her support team did what they could to fend off numerous whitetip sharks. Charles Ebanks used dead fish to lure the six to eight-foot sharks away from the swimmer and used a machete to kill some in the water. For the full story, click here.
**29-Pound Lake Trout Hauled out of Utah’s Flaming Gorge Reservoir
The biggest lake trout caught in Flaming Gorge Reservoir is, officially, a 52-pounder, but many think the famed fishery has something bigger swimming in its depths. For the full story, click here.
Record Mekong Catfish Caught on a Piece of Sweetcorn The fascinating facts of Dai Kent’s trip and the monster catfish he hauled in are beginning to be told. The Tenby, Wales resident landed the new record Mekong catfish after a 55 minute battle. He caught the 7-foot, 260-pound fish on a tiny piece of corn. For the full story, click here.
Guide Lands Monster Snakehead on the Fly in Potomac Tidal Basin Rob Snowhite, a fishing guide in the D.C. area, has been dying to catch a snakehead on the fly since he first heard of their presence in the Potomac River in 2004. His obsession got to the point where bass were a diassppointment. He even spent two New Year’s resolutions on catching a snakehead. In early June, he head snakehead reports fro the Tidal Basin in D.C., tied up some rubber-legged beadhead nymphs and hit the water to catch this 34-inch snakehead. He terminated the invasive creature after the catch, in accordance with state law. For the Full Story, click here.
Youngster Fishes With Berkley Bedell Young Calvin here got the chance to fish with Berkley Bedell, the found of the Berkley fishing tackle company. They caught these two bass in the exact spot on East Okoboki Lake, Iowa where Berkley caught his first fish when he was 6. For the full story, click here.
**A Truly Gut-Wrenching Hook Removal Video
We’ve all snagged ourselves with a hook before, some worse than others, but this video is pretty graphic. While fishing for bowfin or dogfish on Betsie Bay in Frankfort, MI, this angler really impaled himself. Luckily his friends were there to assist, and film it and for that, we thank them. Those with a weak stomach may want to refrain from watching. For the full story and the video, click here.
A Great White On The Hunt This 20-foot great white shark may look like it has made a spectacular kill, but no seals were hurt during the shooting of these photographs.
The images come from shark expert Michael Rutzen, who used a dummy seal to attract the apex predators in the waters three miles from False Bay, near Cape Town.
The 40-year-old photographer was able to capture the sharks leaping up to 13 feet out of the water, providing a valuable insight into how great whites hunt. Here’s the story from DailyMail.co.uk.
Sounds Can Kill Giant Squid A study in New York Harbor, where Cornell scientists were listening to whales, revealed that boat traffic and human noise might interrupt their communication. But for another enormous creature, namely the Giant Squid like the one pictured here, could suffer more than a communication breakdown. A recent study found that low frequency sounds can be detrimental, even deadly to cephalopods. Scientists suspected this was the case since they found numerous giant squid dead off the coast of Spain in 2003. For the full story, click here.
Flood Fishing: Making The Best of It Last month, when Mississippi flood waters were at their peak, the people of Rosedale, Mississippi were making the best of a bad situation, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal. With water where it never was before, residents have found new fishing holes in places that are usually dry and forested. It’s great for the fish, because they have lots to eat and it’s safe for them to spawn because they are separated from the usual predators. And for the locals who depend on the fish they catch to feed their families, it was a boom time. Click here for the full story and the original piece in the Wall Street Journal.
**Record Maryland Muskie
A soon-to-be 13-year-old from West Virginia visited his neighboring state of Maryland and laded the new state-record muskie. Kenneth Files III was fishing the Potomac River near Mercersville, MD on the West Virginia border with his father when he hooked into this 31.75-pound monster early last month. For the full story, click here.
50-Pound Carp Mario Kok from the Carp Anglers Group sent GoFISHn this photo from his friend, Luis Vargas, who managed a new Mexican record in March by catching a 50+ pound carm of a 6wt and and 8lb leader. For the full story, click here.

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