Triple Wing Caddis Recipe:
Hook: Long shank, dry fly hook (size #8 shown here)
Thread: 8/0 or 6/0, depending on the size you
Body: Dubbing (olive, with antron shown here)
Wing: Fine deer or elk hair
Hackle: Color is your choice (ginger shown here)
Step 1
Start your thread, and wind back well onto the bend of the hook. Begin dubbing the body (tapered from fine to thick) ending just above the hook point. Cut, and stack a fine bunch of deer/elk hair and tie in as shown. Trim the butt ends of the hair, and make several tight wraps of thread to secure it.
Step 2
Continue dubbing to about the mid-point of the hook shank, and tie in a hair wing the same way you did in step one.
Step 3
Make a few light wraps of dubbing, and tie in your hackle in front of the second wing.
Step 4
Complete the dubbing to just behind the hook eye.
Step 5
Wind you hackle forward, stopping about 1/16 behind the eye of the hook. Tie off, and trim the remaining, unused portion of the hackle.
Step 6
Prepare, and tie in your third, and last wing. Pull the butt ends of the hair back, and make several tight wraps of thread in front of the tie in point. This keeps the cut ends of the hair away from the eye of the hook.