An All-Tackle Halibut and Seven More Pending IGFA Record Fish

Check out some recent catches that might earn these anglers a spot in the IGFA record books. From bull-dogging tuna … Continued

Chalk up a win for Storm Lures with this catch. Using a Storm jig off the coast of Kvalsunclet, Norway, angler Ulf Hugsen bested this 432-pound, one-ounce** Atlantic halibut**. The battle lasted over and hour and a half, and the fish beat out the current all-tackle world record by more than 12 pounds. Courtesy of I.G.F.A.
On February 8th, Mark Hope of Queensland, Australia, hooked up this 51-pound barramundi on live bait in Lake Tinaroo. Hope’s fish will knock out the old 80-pound line-class record of 44 pounds, 15 ounces, which he also set back in December of 2008. Courtesy of I.G.F.A.
This** orinoco peacock bass** may not be big, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty. Although, it was big enough to make angler Alejandro Linares a contender for the two-pound line-class record for this species. His bass weighed in at two-pounds, eight-pounces, beating the old record of one-pound, eight-ounces set in 2008. Linares’ fish came from Columbia’s Rio Mataven. Courtesy of I.G.F.A.
Ronnie Eidson of Watauga, Texas, landed this smallmouth buffalo on Grapevine Lake. The fish grabbed a Berkley Honey Worm, and put Eidson in the running for the four-pound line-class record. His fish tipped the scales at 20 pounds, 12 ounces, trumping the former record by more than three pounds. Courtesy of I.G.F.A.
Kirk Kirland of Nabozny, Texas, may prove to be an IGFA pioneer if his smallmouth buffalo takes the 12-pound tippet line-class fly record. That’s because it’s currently a vacant spot in the IGFA books. His fish, taken on Livingston Lake with a shrimp fly, was released after Kirkland recorded its weight of ten pounds, eight ounces. Courtesy of I.G.F.A.
Another IGFA first-time contneder is Sangeeta Menon of Spearwood, Australia. She’s hoping her southern bluefin tuna will be the first to fill the record slot in the women’s four-pound line-class category. Menon hooked into this tuna using a trolling lure called a Christmas tree, and fought the eight-pound, six-ounce fish for 42 minutes off Australia’s Rottsnest Island. Courtesy of I.G.F.A.
Fishing Russia’s River Uda near Khabarovsk Krai in the center of the far east section of Siberia, Mikhail Mogutov of Moscow battled and beat this 70-pound taimen. Mogutov has his fingers crossed that his catch will be approved, topping the former 80-pound line-class record of 40 pounds, 14 ounces, on the books since June, 2006. Courtesy of I.G.F.A.
Here’s an amazing feat for you. Dotty Ballantyne of Bozeman, Montana, who holds many line-class records, may obliterate the former four-pound tippet fly record for whaler shark that is currently 18 pounds, eight ounces. Her whaler, caught in March in the Bahamas is a whopping 75 pounds, eight ounces, and took her nearly an hour to subdue. Courtesy of I.G.F.A.

Check out some recent catches that might earn these anglers a spot in the IGFA record books. From bull-dogging tuna on four-pound-test line to epic halibut battles, these fish may be the ones to beat for future record-hunters.