He sight fishes; he hunts . He is picky about what he licks. Smart feller... Bo Diddley's Golden Hits. He releases all bass after a good licken ,just like his Pop ! C H Stanley.

What a Whopper

Greg Ray, 22 and his Dad headed to Walnut Point State Park for his final fishing trip before heading for boot camp (Marines) on May 17. Greg had one nightcrawler left and he threw it in and caught this 21 inch – 6 pound 3 oz large mouth bass. It made the fishing day well worth one last trip before heading to boot camp. It is true have patience and the whopper will come.

Hawg Heaven

On May 1st my son and I decided to get in some evening bass fishing at Santa Margarita Lake here in California.I decided to use a nightcrawler w/ a slip sinker. After I casted out I decided to grab a few rocks to prop my pole up so I could talk to my son. Everytime I tried to stand my pole up it would fall into the water. It finally registered…I landed this 6+lb Large Mouth.

Keagen Cox’s Trophy!

My grandson Keagen (6 years old) caught this large mouth bass out of the family pond in Longmont Colorado. He used his secret fishing lure (Rapala). My son snapped the photo with his cell phone and then they released the big guy back into the pond. We expect it was about 6 pounds. Either way Keagen sure had a hard time holding it up long enough for a photo! Enjoy!
Shes 9 lbs on a not so decent scale. I Didn’t have a nice scale. Got her on a green 4″ lizard. Shes is alive and well today! I let her go and am getting a catch and release mount! First one on the wall! Hope to have many more! FISH ON!

Big Bass

I caught this bass in six feet of water on a baby brush hog in a private lake. It weighed in at eight pounds, three ounces. I caught it the day before Christmas, and it was much better than anything else I got that year.

Anthony And The Bass

He was 3 years old, Almost lost him and the pole.I got the pic, turned my back and he droped the bass over the side of the boat.It was a wonderfull day.He loves to fish!
I caught this bass in a private pond (tank here in Texas) on a spinner bait late in the afternoon. I started the day with an 11 lb bass on the same bait. Both were measured and released. The first and only double digit bass I’ve ever caught. I had a fiberglass replica made of this one and even managed to convince my wife to let me hang it in the house. That was as tough a job as catching it!

One big bass

Our son Christian loves to fish. His favorite spot is a place he calls the backwash. It is the spill way from the lake in our neighborhood. This picture shows why he loves to fish the backwash. He caught this bass just before sundown on April 20th 2009.

caught and released

caught him on a darting shad with a weedless hook fishing submerged timber centrel florida

Robert caught a delicious bass

Robert M. Peerson from Asheville NC was fishing in a family pond with father-n-law Lane Kowalski last week and caught a 8 pound 10 ounce large mouth bass. No bites before lunch then all of a sudden Robert landed this big guy.
Im on leave from the army and got some free time to take my brother fishing and didn’t expect this pig to jump on the line!

The Alabama Hog

I was fishing on a large pond in Alabama with one of my favorite lures, a black and yellow swirl trick worm when I caught this ll lb largemouth. He broke the brand new 3/0 wide gap hook as I landed him. It was about 75 degrees around 10:00 a.m. and clear water
This prespawn largemouth bass was caught April 11th, 2009 in a St. Louis county, Missouri farm pond using a lipless crankbait. It was 27in long and had a girth 20.5in, weighing 12 lbs. -Greg Gibson

A Really Big Largemouth

My buddy and I were just wondering aloud if any large fish resided in this lake when “Bam”, this hawg took my trick worm. 8 lbs, 2 ounces. We tagged and released her and hope to catch her again when she tops that 10 lb mark!

Spring Time Bass!

I caught this 6lb. 3oz., 19 1/2″ large on a semi-overcast day at Echo Canyon Reservoir, the lake with the state record largemouth bass, I didn’t realize how gorged she was till I brought her closer to the surface. It was a good boost for the beginning of the fishing season.

My cousins bass!!!

it was 10lbs
My buddy caught this 12 pounder with a watermelon seed color trick worm.

My big monster

I fished this bass in Guerrero lake a year ago with watermelon worm. It was 13 pounds.
Wyatt caught this fish on his birthday on the 1st day of the spring turkey hunt in 2007. A bad day of hunting turned into a good day of fishing. He has his dad beat by 1/2 lb. This was the fish of a lifetime for a 7 year old.
Guide Allen Ballard of Paris, TX caught this 10lb.13oz. largemouth on February 11, 2009.

Best Bass

I caught this the same day my brother caught his big pike. It was 5+pounds and i wanted it on my wall. Of course it was returned unharmed. One of my best bass yet.

Florida Lunker

Fishing the Florida Everglades throwing a Lake Folk swim bait. I had my eyes on a sunning gator that was as big as the boat we were fishing in thinking “I bet he ate a 10lb bass for breakfast”. As I finished my thought this lunker tried to yank the pole out of my hand. Glad the gator didn’t eat this one.

Nice Ontario largie

A good size large mouth bass caught in Ontario, Canada.

Nice Largemouth Bass

This bass was caught late in the evening as the sun was beginning to set, I casted a rattleback jig with a crawfish trailer towards a submerged tree. The water erupted and the fight was on.