I caught my 1st Permit on June 5th in Big Pine Key. My personal captain put me on this beautiful fish while site fishing in 3 feet of water. I am ready to go back anytime!.

My 41″ 37 lb Flathead.

I was in a local catfish tournament here in Columbia, Pa.I was using light tackle to make it a challenge. Early into the morning I hook up with this monster with my little 5’lite action Ugly Stik rod with Okuma reel with 8 lb test. Luckily my gear held up to the task and after a half hour battle I was able to land this 41″ 37 lb Flathead to win the tourney.

Carp as big as my kid!!

My friend and I and our two boys were ice fishing on the Susquehanna River by Nichols NY in February. We were using tip ups and it was brutal cold. One of our flags went up and this monster came up. It was caught on 10lb ice line, pulled in by hand. Took over 20 minutes and a lot of chiseling of the ice. 29.5″ girth, 48″ long, 42LBS. What a monster! We all took turns working the hand line.

Ever see one of these in your smallmouth creek?

I found this in during a biology lab in a creek that I fish. Long story, but the moral is to keep your eyes open when you got a line in the water.

Personal Best Rockfish

Caught the last day of the ’09 Catch and Release season in the northern tip of the Chesapeake Bay. My friend Dan and I headed out in the fog and rain to squeeze in one last trip. She hit mid-morning after a scattered bite of 5-10 lb. fish. It took 20 mins. to bring her boatside with 14lb. Fireline. We estimate 48-50″ and around 50 lbs. After a quick photo she was safely released.

almost paradise

lake willoughby vermont,glacier formed lake over 300 feet deep!state record lake trout over 34 pounds,ice fishing world record holder over 30,recently better not sure where.enjoy!

BIG Turtle

Caught this prehistoric beast on a trotline. Biggest turtle I have ever seen. I know other guys have probably seen ’em bigger but I was amazed by this monster. He pegged out my fish scales that go up to 50 lbs. Once he regained his strength we released him unharmed except for a sore mouth.
She can really catch um

Andrew’s Big Bass

Andrew Beesley, 11 yrs. old, from Natchez, MS, caught and released this bass after several pictures were taken. It was estimated to be between 12-13 lbs. It was caught on June 20th , 2009.

bear tracks on the fender

My daughter recently left her car at the end of our driveway one night. When she looked at the car the next day, she found that she had a visitor while she was gone. Apparently blackie found something of interest.

bear in south dakota

it was by the side of the road in south dakota so we took some pictures

Uruguay River Cat

70 lbs cat caught in La Zona on the Uruguay River

23″ 6lb largemouth bass catch and release

caught in keener Nc in Feb 09

ten and a half foot sturgeon from idaho

live in ri fish for bass and pickerel mostly. went to visit daughter in idaho. she had arranged a fishing trip with jerry chapman from id fish and game and his family. “fish on” will always bring a smile to my face!!! took an hour and half to reel “maniac” in I LOVE IDAHO FISHIN

Snake vs. Sunfish

i found this snake eating a sunfish on the shore of a lake while fishing

World Record Bull Red?

Fishing the jettis in Galveston me and my bud laid into the bulls. After forty five minutes on a bay rod this monster pulled up alonside the boat…

Pheasant Opener Limit

My buddy and I got these birds in just under 40 minutes in a small strip of field behind my house.

Catfish Fillets for the Fryer

This is the end result of one of our many catfishing trips to lake Conroe, after catching all those beautiful blues this is the end result.

Fiance’s Stringer

My Fiance and I spent three hours catching fish for a family fish fry. I managed to catch a few crappie and a couple bass. The rest of the fish and Whopper Largemouth belong to my Fiance. I guess we all know who is going to be putting the food on the table:)

tall and wide

one tall and one wide.never did see these two bucks in season, but they were on my hit list.

big brook trout

big brookie on the fly

African Cape Buffalo

Harvested this cape buffalo in Zim..used my .416 Remington–400 Gr Swift A-Frames…had just under 18″ bosses…with a 41″ spread

Alaskan Moose Shed

Found this Moose shed while on a all day river fishing float in Alaska.

39″ Snook

39″ snook weighing 35 lbs caught off Sanibel Beach fl. Caught on cutt bait.

my protege

Kyle outfished me both in quantity and quality of fish(size!)

Big Muley

I got this once and a life time deer last hunting season. This 4 point 10 year old buck was one of the most exciting animals I have ever hunted. They are hard to find and can disappear in a second. I was lucky enough to not let this one get away. He tried.

Canadian Northern

I cought and released this 40 1/2 inch pike at Otter Lake in Ontario, Canada. I was using a Dardele 5 of Diamonds lure. I must have caught a hundred northerns with that lure. It was a great trip.

Wisconsin Small Stream Male Brown

this big boy like a blue fox spinner.

Sunset on the Grouse opener

I snapped this shot at the end of a great day of ruffed grouse and mountain quail hunting in northern California.

Dana’s big catfish

this is the bigger of two catfish dana caught this nite.

Cool elk skull

Uriah Wurst(pictured) and Lance Benson went shed horn hunting and found this skull. It must have been a winter kill or some unfortunate soul never found the elk he shot.

sunset at my favorite spot…

Peace an tranquillity,sometimes i think if not for my best spot and good friends i could not make it..Even if the fish are not biting..My soul is recharged,my imagination runs wild with images of natures beauty..Thinking of very large salmon i have seen rising,or reported sightings by divers seeing lake trout as big as men..What else can i say I LOVE IT..enjoy!!

Monster Erie Laker

26 lbs of lake trout!

The Big Crappit

Over Memorial weekend my nephew Chace was fishing with friends at a private pond in NE Kansas when he caught this crappie that wieghed 3 lbs 8 oz and was 18 inches long. It’s the biggest crappie that I have ever seen!