"Catfish Gives Fisherman a Record Story to Tell" - Photo 1 of 2 Tommy Couch, Howe, Okla.
Oklahoma Rod-and-Reel State Record Flathead Catfish
Weight: 76 lb. • Length: 51 1/2" • Girth: 58 1/4" The Lowdown: Couch met up with a few buddies below the dam on Wister Lake in Wister, Okla., on the morning of June 13. He caught a 10-inch blue catfish, then tossed his line into a deep hole a few feet from the bank, and about 10 minutes later the monster bit. About 100 people witnessed the 45-minute fight, Couch said. The angler didn't have to pull the record fish into the boat alone: His friend's Yorkie-Schnauzer pulled on the fish's fin right out of the water to help. Bait Used: Red worm Previous Record: 72 pounds, 8 ounces Quotable: "It's a big ol' booger. He came up and look like a big ol' shark." -- Couch Full Story.
**”Catfish Gives Fisherman a Record Story to Tell” – Photo 2 of 2
**”Teen Lands the Catch of a Lifetime” – Photo 1 of 3
** Patrick Dupont, North Hero, VT
Lake Champlain International Father’s Day Fishing Derby Record Lake Trout
Weight: 15 lb. 9 oz. • Length: 34″ • Girth: 36″ The Lowdown: Brothers Patrick and Benjamin Dupont, their father Larry, and friend Keith Darby left the dock at about 3:30 a.m. to get an early start in the Father’s Day Fishing Derby, in Burlington, Vt. When Patrick, 14, caught his record trout, he had to wait about an hour-and-a-half until the weigh station opened at 9 a.m. But the teenager soon found out he had a historic catch: The trout, which had a clipped fin and tag, was said to be the oldest documented fish of its kind from Lake Champlain. Bait Used: Patrick is keeping that a secret, but he was also using Berkley PowerBait. Previous Record: 14.45 pounds Quotable: “I didn’t even realize there was a record competition. We were out there to fish as a family, have fun and catch something we could brag about. And we certainly can now.” — Larry Dupont “Dad told me it was my job to hold the fish upright to keep it alive. I started complaining my hand was cold, and they told me to tell the fish some fish stories to keep him comfortable.” — Patrick Dupont Full Story
**”Teen Lands the Catch of a Lifetime” – Photo 2 of 3
**”Teen Lands the Catch of a Lifetime” – Photo 3 of 3
**”Coloradan’s Catch is Wyoming Record for Kokanee Salmon”
** Brian Ekx, Evans, Colo.
Wyoming State Record Kokanee Salmon
Weight: 6.26 lb. • Length: 24 3/4″ • Girth: 14 3/4″ The Lowdown: Being the co-owner of a tackle shop has its perks. Ekx was fishing as part of the Vance’s Tackle team in the 15th annual Buckboard Marina Fishing at Flaming Gorge in southwestern Wyoming on June 14. The angler was fishing specifically for Kokanee Salmon, using a dodger and small spoon his shop manufactures. Now that’s effective marketing. Bait Used: Copper/Blue dodger and Blue/Pink Sockeye Slammer small spoon Previous Record: 6.04 pounds Full Story
“Rolph Captures State Record Fish” – Photo 1 of 5 Chris Rolph, Williamsburg, OH
Ohio State Record Blue Catfish
Weight: 96 lb. • Length: 54 1⁄2″ • Girth: 36″ The Lowdown: Chris Rolph and his longtime friend, Jon Owens, were falling asleep during their night fish on the Ohio River near Cincinnati. It was a little after 12:30 a.m. on the morning of June 11 and Rolph had put his rod in pole holder. Then he heard it move. About 45 minutes later, Rolph reeled in what he knew was a special catch. Bait Used: Cut Skip Jack Previous Record: 57 pounds, 3.2 ounces (The Blue Catfish Ohio state record category was only established last year) Quotable: “Do I think somebody’s going to break this record? Yes. Do I think we will? No.” — Rolph Full Story
“Rolph Captures State Record Fish” – Photo 2 of 5
“Rolph Captures State Record Fish” – Photo 3 of 5
“Rolph Captures State Record Fish” – Photo 4 of 5
“Rolph Captures State Record Fish” – Photo 5 of 5
“Half-Ton Shark Caught Off Clare Coast” – Photo 1 of 5 Joe Waldis, Switzerland
Heaviest Rod-and-Reel Caught Fish in British or Irish Waters
Weight: 1,056 lb. • Length: 12’9″ • Girth: 7’5″ The Lowdown: Waldis dropped his 80-pound line nearly 200 feet into the sea several miles north of Loop Head, Ireland, on June 16. Once the six-gill shark bit, Waldis put on a butt-and-shoulder harness and struggled for 35 minutes. It was too big to haul into the boat, driven by Luke Aston, so they pulled it to Carrigaholt, a small fishing village in Ireland. The female shark was taken by forklift to be weighed. Its liver alone weight a little bit more than 315 pounds. Bait Used: Mackerel Previous Record: Bluefin tuna, 968 pounds Quotable: “I still can’t believe it. When I go to sleep at night, I still can’t believe it. It was the fight of my life.” — Waldis Full Story
“Half-Ton Shark Caught Off Clare Coast” – Photo 2 of 5
“Half-Ton Shark Caught Off Clare Coast” – Photo 3 of 5
“Half-Ton Shark Caught Off Clare Coast” – Photo 4 of 5
“Half-Ton Shark Caught Off Clare Coast” – Photo 5 of 5
“Swannanoa Angler Breaks Kokanee Salmon State Record” Ashley Swann, Swannanoa, NC
North Carolina State Record KoKanee Salmon
Weight: 3 lb. 9 oz. • Length: 21 1/2″ • Girth: 12 1/4″ The Lowdown: Apparently, breaking a state record once or even twice is not good enough for the Swann family. Nearly two years after Mark Swann reeled in two record Kokanee salmon–in the same month, no less–his daughter-in-law set a new state record. She reeled in the fish from Nantahala Lake in Western North Carolina on June 20 during her very first trip fishing on a boat. Bait Used: Custom-made lure Previous Record: 3.07 pounds — 2007
Quotable:** “I had no clue that I had broken his record until I reeled it in and he said, ‘You just beat my record.’ I had no intention of breaking his record, but I did.” — Ashley Swann

Full Story
“Record Breaker” Darin Williams, Pinehurst, Idaho
Montana State Record Largemouth Bass
Weight: 8.8 lb. •** Length:** 22.5″
The Lowdown:** Williams had never participated in a fishing tournament before he did so with his friend, Jeff Goldade, in the Noxon Buddy Tournament on Montana’s Noxon Rapids Reservoir in early May. After he caught the fish, Williams weighed it with a Berkley hand scale, then with the tournament scale. Wanting another reading, he and Goldade went to a small store across the street, only to confuse the cashier with a request to use the meat scale. Williams was able to release the bass back into the water in time to save it, and he and Goldade took second place in the tournament. Bait Used: Rubber Creature Previous Record: 8.29 pounds — 1999 Quotable: “We put it in the well, had some high fives and cheered it up for a couple of minutes, then kept fishing. We just figured we had the big fish for the day.” — Williams Full Story
“Record Brook Trout Taken on Raquette” – Photo 1 of 2 Tom Yacovella, Utica, NY
New York State Record Brook Trout
Weight: 5 lb. 4 oz. • Length: 21″ • Girth: 15″ The Lowdown: Yacovella’s only goal when he dropped his line into Raquette Lake on June 7 was to break his personal brook trout record: A four-pounder. It took 10 hours of sitting in the boat, but his record fish finally bit at 3:30 p.m. After a “vicious” fight, a new record belonged to the wildlife artist. It was his only hit of the day. Bait Used: 3 ½ inch Rapala Previous Record: 4 pounds, 15 ounces — 2006 Quotable: “I’m still in shock; it seems surreal. I absolutely love brook trout. I think they are the purest strain in the Northeast.” — Yacovella

Full Story
“Record Brook Trout Taken on Raquette” – Photo 1 of 2

Though the possible record largemouth bass caught in Japan may be talk of the fishing world right now, there have been some other impressive catches in the last few weeks that will turn some heads, too. Gleaned from news sources around the globe, here are the photos of the these record contenders.