Fish On!

Mule Deer Tattoo

My tattoo

Bowhunter grim reaper tattoo

Nice Rack Tattoo

my tattoo

Memorial for my uncle bob

A Cat On My Noodlin’ Arm…

Barred Owl in Georgia swamp on turkey huntin day

Redband trout tattoo – right forearm

Heron and Sunny

Rapala Broken back

My new buddy

Woody Pair in a pond

Saint Eustace

Mn Walleye

fishing adventures

Lure tattoo

6×7 elk & 45″ moose

Daddy’s Girls

wild boar with primitive arrow

Tailing Bonefish

My Tuna Tattoo

turkey head

Treble Hook

Hooked on Fishing!!!

Many of our readers love the outdoor sports so much that they’ve inked them onto their bodies, permanently. These 25 tattoos are our picks for the best ones entered into our 2010 Hunting and Fishing Tattoo contest. The winner is “The Tattooed Angler,” for the Suick musky bait on his forearm, which we though was the most original of the bunch. He wins a SEAL Pup Elite and PowerLock multitool combo, and the two runners up get a Revolver Hunter knife, all from our friends at S.O.G. Knives.