The hatch was so thick coming off the river this evening it almost looked like it was snowing.

Potential New Oklahoma State Record Rio Grande

My name is Michael Fleharty and below is a brief story about the new pending Oklahoma State Record Rio GrandeTurkey that I killed last weekend. Beard 1= 11 1/8″ Beard 2= 8 2/8″ Beard 3= 7 4/8″ Beard 4= 7 2/8″ Beard 5= 7″ Beard 6= 6 2/8″ Beard 7= 6 5/8″ Totaling 54 inches of Beard Right Spur= 1 1/4″ Left Spur= 1 3/8″ Weight= 22.14lbs Total Score: 157.125

carnivorous rainbow

I cought this trout and when we opened him up we found a small rat in its stomach.

new world record white bass?

Justin Shiney in Toronto,KS 9.7 Lbs length 26.25″ artficial lure.Dorsal fin does not connect,body 1/3 bigger than length,pectoral fin appears smaller and points rather abruptly, eyes sunk low in the forehead and as you will see in the other photo there is only one tooth patch visible.

La Zona Dorado

Fished the Uruguay River in a section know as “La Zona” which is downstream from the Salto Grande Dam which seperates Argentina and Uruguay during April 12 to 15 2010. I caught a monster 46lbs golden dorado on my first day. This was my fourth trip to La Zona and my largest dorado to date.
Dale Dampf broke an 18 year state record in Oklahoma on April 2nd by catching the largest black buffalo on record. The previous record for rod and reel caught was set in 1992. Mr. Dampf not only broke the 18 year record but, nearly tripled it setting the bar at 22.189lbs! Local officals documented the fish noting that it was all done with only a 6lb. line to top it off.

Barn Owl in the House

This Owl is in our old house.

Little Hammerhead

I grabbed this little hammerhead as it swam by … then realized that it had teeth. Pearl Harbor, July 29, 1964.

Inch and Half Spurs

Trade mark of an old Tom.

Webbed out whitetail

Snowy morning in November.

Best Buddies !

The buck, Jack, was raised at my daughters farm in Defuniak Springs Fl. ,from a 2 day old fawn after it’s mother was hit by a car.As far as Jack knew he was a dog ,being raised with four dogs. He is shown here in their pond. Jack is butting Chigger,the dog, as Chigger holds Jacks ear in her mouth. Jack has now returned to the wild after he grew to be a Y buck.

Our home away from home….

complete with all the essentials.

Victoria’s First Fish

I took my daughter fishing for the first time and she caught two nice pan fish on her first expedition. Dad did have to bait the hook, but she did all the rest.

my sons first brown trout

My 15 year old son Hunter and I were shore fishing with our uncle. We were fishing the Flaming Gorge in Wyoming. My son asked me if he could cast with one of my perch vertical jigs. I told him “they weren’t for casting, but give it a try”. The next thing I know he’s yelling that he got one and he lands a 9.2 pound brown. I don’t know who was more excited, him the dog or me!

Giant snapping turtles mating

Caught these two whoppers in an amorous embrace at my local bullhead pond. Snapping turtle sex is not a pretty site- lots of flailing claws and snapping beaks!
Friend’s photo. Senator Harry S. Truman at the estate of Col. William Kaul, St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania. From left to right: Senators Truman; Clyde L. Herring; Carl Hatch; George Radcliffe; Polish Ambassador Count Jerzy Potocki; Senator Joseph F. Guffey (My friend’s great grandfather); Col. William Kaul; Vice-President Vance Garner; And Senators Sherman Minton; and James E. Murray.

Future Deer Hunter

My little future hunter.

Ready to Rumble

I added this cow moose photo I took this evening to show the coloration difference between the usual coloration and the coloration of the one that hangs around the house. The cow moose in this photo is having none of my nonsense. She has protected her calf from bears, wolves and other predators and she is literally “Ready to Rumble”. Time to back away!

Spring Creek Brown

This fish was the last of my spring beak trip to western Wisconsin. All of my fish that week were caught on wooly buggers.
I was fishing just before dark when i had a bite. It put up quit a fight.It was 22inches weighed 5lbs. It was the biggest trout that i caught opening week.


It was a nice day today so I decided to go shed hunting. I took my camera along and got this pic. of a flock of turkey. Also 2 deer in the back ground.
Hooked him around 11PM, since I only had 25lb line on my pole I had to fight it in for over an hour to tire it out. It was one heck of an experience, just hope I can catch another one this big! I used live goldfish as bait
I was fishing in a pond near my house, I made a cast to an old fountain and to my suprise, what I thought was a snag was this goliath, but there are bigger bass in the pond but noone was there to get a picture of the bigger one, I let her go

Take Wing

This young eagle was feeding on a winter killed deer and when I surprised him he took off from almost under my feet. I had checked with binoculars first to see that there were no bears or other large predators on the carcass before I approached. There was a riverbank that hid my approach.

Backyard Albino Buck Closeup

Here’s a trail cam photo of the backyard albino buck so you can get a good look at his antlers. He’s 3 years old in this photo.
Two back to back 30+LB Lake Trout caught and released at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge on a beautiful July afternoon in 2009

Crushed boat lift

Another example of “Ice Off” on Mille Lacs Lake. The owners of this boat lift are in for a surprise when they return to their cabin. The ice and wind is unforgiving and crushes anything that gets in the way. Here you can see the ice has piled up well over 20 feet high and can go even higher if the wind doesn’t subside.
Caught last week with a 4″ rubber worm in 18 inches of water. What a huge surprise for my 4′ ultralight rod with 6lb. test

Speckled blacktailed deer

In town. Whidbey Island Wa. They had a deputy sheriff following this guy around so that the people didn’t bother him

Absarooka Wilderness Bull

My friend, Tim, and I had booked a wilderness elk hunt with an outfitter’s camp along Crandall Creek, east of Yellowstone. The first morning of the hunt we spotted a small elk herd with an outstanding herd bull. After a foot stalk, a single shot from a .338 Win Mag filled a tag. The bull scored 338 B & C, how ironic.

Mosquito Gobbler

Harvested this gobbler in a mosquito infested public river bottom and if it were not for my mask I would have been breathing them in. Got 40 yards from his roost tree and waited almost 2 hours for him to come down. Had a hen attack my decoy before he finally came down at 15 yards. 21lbs 3oz, 11 inch beard, 1 1/4″ spurs.

Canoe and Moose horns

A co-worker sent me this photo of the moose trip he took last fall.

Another Erie Steelhead

This was my buddy’s fourth or fifth steelhead ever. It was his first trip out and he caught this nice 10Lbs 3oz 31inch beauty on an egg sack.

Last cast of the night…

This was the final fish of the evening, the end of a successful summer top-water outing. The 23 inch largemouth fell for a Zara Spook walked through submerged timber. After a quick photo, the bass was released.

Conneaut Lake Smallmouth

Pulled in this beaut one warm spring evening. Biggest smallie I have gotten from the lake.

Dad’s Personal Best

My dad caught his personal best walleye on the Rainy River last weekend. 28 inches, 8.5 pounds We were all excited for him to shatter his old PB of 24.5 inches.

Tuna Catch

Just another day aboard the Fin Galley out of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center in OBX.

Georgia Biggin’

Well we had been out on the lake fishing all day with shiners, I had already caught 2 mac daddy bass, but as it was getting dark and the skeeters started to bite I caught this mac daddy bass. I was going to get him mounted but instead I let him go so maybe he would get bigger and I could catch him again the next year, sadly I still haven’t caught him again.