The 50 Best Photos from our 2010 Summer Fish Babes Contest

Bikini attracts lunkers

Fishing from a float tube in a Kansas farm pond.

Kenai River Bows

Fly-fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska has been something I have had the pleasure of doing for the last 9 years. Now nor ever will I get bored or tired of catch and releasing beautiful, big, bows! This was caught in late fall while drifting the Kenai. 27inches in length, 12inches girth. Careful this fly fishing thing is ADDICTING!! Species: Rainbow trout Kenai River, Alaska

Sisters on the Dock

My little girls were rewarded by the fish gods after their first big day of kindergarten... relaxing on the back dock, shadows were getting long and they had their Barbie Spincasts working overtime to hook-up with a big bass before the sun went down.

Big Clear Lake bass

Caught this big boy on June 13, 2010 in Clear Lake, Calif.

Mama The Beastmaster strikes again

Caught in Onieda co. Wi. Muskey caught and released 44" long 20" girth

Cold Winter Steelhead

My girlfriend Jessica braved the cold Canadian winter to chase Steelhead with me on a Lake Ontario tributary. And after an epic battle her dedication paid off with this big winter buck. What made it extra special was that she landed it a centerpin and this was only her second Steelhead ever on the pin. Caught: December 27, 2009 at 1:54 p.m. Where: Ontario Method: Centerpin

Communion Day Bass

Phoebe loves to fish. So with her communion party by a lake it was only fitting well, that she fish. Her Bass was the best part of her party of course.

Tarpon Time!

First tarpon of Dottie's life fishing with our good friend Mark Bennett in Charlotte Harbor in Florida. This is one of many fish caught on this trip...she is spoiled now!

A suprise Silver while Bow fishing

Caught this guy while Rainbow fishing on the Willow in Alaska late in the season and he's not totally turned. What a blast on light gear!

Bass on Lily Lake

Fish caught in Lily Lake, Illinois. Was on a roll that day! Beginners luck.

Diana's 5'5" Needlefish!

My sister Diana was on her honeymoon in Costa Rica when she landed this monster needlefish. The permit fishing had been great all day and they were about ready to head home when her pole went crazy and this beast came flying out of the water! It's her new PB, beating out a 5'3" wahoo she caught in Hawaii. This girl's for real.

Life is Bonito

I was in Costa Rica recently with 2 dude friends. I was getting sick of them so I decided to charter a boat by myself for eight hours while my friends pampered themselves on the beach. It was heavenly. I caught about six of these bonito, and hooked a roosterfish (although I lost it as I was pulling it into the boat). Even better-- the charter included free unlimited beer!
Fishing with my dad and brother and a couple of good friends. My day got made when I pulled this one in. I was bound and determined that I did not need any help. It fought like a bulldog but I fought harder.
Got these off Red Giant Worms. Gettin' ready to fillet them in this picture. Gonna be some good eatin!
I know it's not summer, but what do you do between deer season and spring gobbler.......go catfishing. The BIG Blue Cats are schooled up and hungry. My daughter Kara is quite the hardcore fish babe. It was 16 degrees in Feburary when we left the dock. This was the biggest of the day 42 lbs.

and it's a....carp.

Dad and I out on the canoe in Kinzua, pulled in a 15 inch smallmouth bass before this guy came in. Beautiful fish...he's back in the water!

Redfish off the Georgia coast

I caught this bass while fishing with my dad on June 7, 2008. We always fish in a Powder Puff Tournament sponsored by his fishing club, the Savannah Sport Fishing Club. I had to release this fish because it was too big, so I didn't win first place. But I did win first this year, which was priceless because it was my last year to fish with my dad before I get married!

Bonefish Frenzy

My first landed HI bonefish after what seemed like several hundred hours of an elusive hunt. Several other bones on, many more just simply not interested in my presentation. Whew! It was worth the hard work!! Now with bonefish streaming through my veins, I'm ready for the next big one!!!

Chasin' tail in the Keys

Chasin' tail in the Keys

Long day of fishing, happy to be home to my baby!

I was the only one who caught any fish they are all mine...I think I was banned from the boat for at least 2 weeks! The fish fry was awesome!

Nicole's first Dorado

I trying to teach my wife how to cast sardines with a baitcaster reel and asked her to let me cast the first few until she got the hang of it. Of course she didnt listen to me and as I watched her make the first cast, I knew untangling a "birdsnet" was in my near future. As the bait hit the water, this hungry dorado chomped on it and fresh mahi mahi was on the boat a few minutes later!

Black Bass from Lake Proctor

The first Bass I ever caught! Lake Proctor just outside of Comanche, TX

Mommy's big walleye

My husband Brian and I LOVE to fish for Walleye....I caught this beauty on Lewis & Clark Lake(part of the Missouri River Chain) near Yankton SD.Since I AM a wimp...could not hold it without the use of pliers..OH well...not bad for a 50+ something woman! Length 27 inches....

Lake Casitas Largemouth

Just started fishing this year and am hooked! Lake Casitas in California is a tough lake to fish, but the reward of a big Largemouth bass makes it worth it. This is my biggest fish yet, still searching for the real lunker!

Ol' Blue

After the flooding that took up most of the summer in Nebraska we were finally able to throw out some lines and caught this blue.
Kaysea, age 7 with her 1st Snook while out fishing with her dad. The unplanned trips are usually the most memorable trips.

Ketchikan Halibut

After giving my boyfriend a difficult time about never catching fish when with him (he holds the halibut record off a kayak @ 183 lb.), he decided to put me right on big fish. As soon as my herring hit bottom I knew this was it. With the strong head wag my boyfriend assured me a halibut was on the line. At about 18 lbs. I apologized and thanked the boyfriend and paddled back to shore with a smile.

Big Yellow Eye in Seward Alaska

Great Fishing in Seward Alaska. After we maxed out on halibut and salmon we drifted over some rocks. What a cool assortment of fish.


My very first bowfishing trip. I shot 5 aligator gar. This was taken at sunrise after an overnight trip in Choke Canyon State Park, in Calihan/Three Rivers Tx.

Shark on the Pier

This little guy could fight. So fun!

Tuna Everywhere!

My boyfriend and I landed 11 yellowfin tuna in a couple hours. Non-stop reeling and 1 or 2 on the line the whole time! This was my biggest at 50 pounds! Fish were going crazy on the Baja East Cape!

Slippery Rainbow Trout

My husband took me fishing for my first time at Stuart's Pond, and I was having a nice time trying to catch my very first fish. I was so excited when I hooked one and reeled it in. Then I realized I had to actually touch the fish! I finally got up the courage to touch the fish, but was surprised at how slimy and slippery it was. The fish slipped right out of my hands when the photo was taken.

Hey! It Matches My Gear!

This beautiful Yellow Eye Rockfish was caught off Elfin Cove Alaska, on the anniversary trip of a lifetime! No diamonds, no furs, just surround me with a bunch of people who love to fish, and call it a party! And how cute is that-it matches my foul weather gear!

"A Good One"

This is my 87 year old mother who caught this bass at our pond last month. "That's a pretty good one" she said when she saw it. Then we did what we do with all of her catches, let her run her hand down the shiny smooth side of the fish to feel it's soft warm skin, and then let it go to catch another day.

My Big Red

Not expecting this hit and catching alot of junk fish that day with my fiancee and 2 friends. I was getting discouraged and ready to land something big enough to keep, when this Redfish took off with my line. Being it was 2 girls on the boat and the guys nowhere in sight (they where wading). I reeled it in with a good fight of course and Karen netted it!


Couple of bass out on Kinzua in Pennsylvania.
My wife Erica went fishing with me in Cabo San Lucas and caught this 8ft, 125lb Striped Marlin. We had a double hookup, so she was forced into jumping into action on the other rod. What a trip!

Dolphin (dorado)

No story just fish!

A day away from the kids

My wife and I went to 11 mile Canyon, CO for a day away without 3 wife taught me to fly fish by the way. Flows went from 100 to 500 cfs on the way up the canyon due to dam gate testing. Everyone left the canyon except for us. After about an hour the flow dropped back down to 100cfs and the fish went CRAZY! We had the entire day alone in 11 Mile canyon.

Chandra's Grand Mesa Cutthroat

What a wonderful catch

STEWART LAKE-I got one hunny!

So I was meant to be in a fitness competition this weekend in Fort St John, BC Canada, however broke my ankle a few days before. So, Let's go fishing! First night out, first time fishing with the boyfriend, First fish caught of the weekend. It was a Rainbow trout, my suspenders measured it to 21 inches... not sure if measuring tape suspenders are entirely accurate, but hey, I'll take it!

My biggest fish on Fathers Fay

Fishing with your dad and mom on fathers day 2010 at Angostura Reservoir catching the biggest walleye of your life, 9lbs 2 Ounces. It just didn’t get any better than that.

Harbor Blues at Sunset

Maria caught these two nice Harbor Blues for dinner during a beautiful sunset over the Connecticut River.

Riggins Idaho

Anniversary Salmon Fishing trip June 15th 2010, Salmon River Riggins Idaho.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua Rooster Fishing

Caught a 60 pound rooster fish off the coast of Nicaragua in the summer of 2006. Fight lasted about 45 minutes and was well worth the battle. I would love to go back and chase more giant roosters!

Sunshine Salmon

Her first fishing trip and we went out mid afternoon to catch some sun while we fished and hooked into this 18lb King Salmon!

Biggest Catch of the Day

I landed this nice catfish on a hot summer day. I was on the Sangamon River near Riverton, Il. fishing with my boyfriend. Yes, I outfished him that day!

Colorado Trip

My Wife Brenda had a awesome day fishing on a Colorado Stream.

Snook Love

37 inch snook caught the same day as my 24 inch red, oh what an awesome day!!!

Her first big bass

Her first big bass, Bonita Springs, FL

Announcing the winners of the 2010 Summer Fish Babes contest! These photos are our picks for the 50 best entries, in order. First place goes to (what else?) "Bikini Attracts Lunkers." The prize? A pair of Simms women's Headwaters waders and boots ($450 value), as well as a lure package from Rapala ($100 value).

The next four entries each win our runner-up prize, a pair of Rapala's AlumaPro pliers ($50 value). Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone for your great shots! -- The Editors