My friend shot this big boy in the North Territoty the first part of September---71"--no official score back but should score 230 to 260 width--weighed in at approx 1800lbs--A very good day for my friend---submitted this photo on 9/24/2011.

Russian River AK

I was fishing for trout when I hooked this small sockeye. I could not land the fish on the far bank so I made my way to the gravel bar on the opposite side of the river. I was halfway across when a so grizzly with two cubs jumped in for a little fishing time. I had my dad snap a quick photo and we got the heck out of there!
Austin, our 13 year old son loves fly fishing while our oldest son, Dakota, loves photography. Using Austin’s fishing gear, Dakota took this picture of his baby sister, Addisyn, when she was one week old. She is our “Perfect Catch!”

Always put the big one back!

Absolutely nothing better than spending time fishing with your son…other than seeing him catch and release a sizable Muskie!

Head on

I spotted these two bucks in the Fall 0f 2010 in the DC area. Since I was inside the Capital beltway (I-495), there was no hunting They didn’t seem too disturbed by my presence. After a bit of grazing, they locked antlers for a few minutes. The larger 9-pointer decisively beat the 8-pointer.

I love taking pictures with my cell phone.

I took this photo last winter with my cell phone while watching deer enter the field. The backdrop was breath taking.
night fishing taneycomo

CNR Halibut on a kayak

Fishing in Southeast Alaska. We decided to pull this one up for a better photo op. This is a still from video. Yes the video will be loaded as soon as it is done. Kayaks were linked for stability and the fish was was tired before we tried this.

Blue Grouse in the Misty Idaho High Country

My boys with a nice Blue Grouse we took, on the Magruder Road, Selway Bitterroot/Frank Church Wilderness.

New England Black Bear

As soon as the crab apples start to fall in my woods the activity picks up. This mature male has been hanging around for a couple years now, but only comes through my hunting area at night it seems. Looks like his face is wet.

Muskie Kids

Preston Arkels age 5 caught this leech lake musky this summer.

Idaho Moose

A camera shy Bull we encountered in an old burn while wolf hunting Idaho’s backcountry. I was glad to see the wolves hadn’t got them all…..

Fish. Its whats for dinner.

Just a good day of fishing.

The family

This picture was one of the first pictures I got on my Stealth Cam Rouge. At the time I set this camera we had no idea that there were actually bears on our property. This picture goes to prove us wrong for sure!

Lake West Point keeping cool

Had worked the dogs on some birds and wanted to give them a treat to cool down inthe lake

My Bass Of The Year!

I decided to stop and cast a couple times on Kent Lake when I got off work, the weather was perfect, the water was calm, and some lily pads starting to come up, I put on my Strike King spinner and casted it right next to the pads and as soon as it hit he smashed it! He was 22 1/2 inches and 5 1/2 pounds. Fishing is my passion!

This is why we call em “Buckets”!!!

Louie and I returned today, to a lake we like to call “Lake Heart Attack”. We had a great time too. This monster weighed in at a healthy & hefty 12.9 pounds. This is also why we call it “Lake Heart Attack”. He almost gave Louie one when he hit. After a brief photo session, he was released unharmed. It even gave Louie a complimentary shower when it exited the premises.

Runnin the dogs

Now how does that look for a coyote? My neighbors son and some of our dogs ran this one for a few hours last winter before we finally caught up with him and got him. Few more fawns will live this spring.

My Son’s First Mule Deer

My son shot this deer up near the Grand Mesa. It was his first deer.

Forest of Ghosts

Burn in the mist, Idaho’s Magruder Corridor.
Sturgeon photos with one angler pail in emotional comparison to ones with a team holding them. So even though my 3 brothers (weren’t) fishing nuts like I am, I convinced them to join me. I will submit both family shot and solo shot to illustrate my point.

One hungry bird

I was down along the Susquehanna River watching for wildlife when I saw this blue heron eating a large smallmouth bass, I would never beliefed it could swallow a fish that big but I seen it with my own eyes.

Fishing with Dad

Fishing on an awesome September morning again with my awesome Dad. Had a great time like always!

Successful Youth Hunter

Mitch was hunting with his dad and uncle on Michigan’s Youth Hunt on Sept. 24. He made a nice shot from his .243 and dropped this nice spike in velvet.


theese deer are always fighting.

Cook Shack

This is a picture of the cook shack at my Grandad’s old lease ouside of Sonora, TX. They lost the lease last year and I sure do miss hunting there. Alot of great memories!
This fish was a Beast! It had 25 feet of a unlucky anglers Line intwined in its gills. after several attempts to revive the Fish died. My largest

Decent Whitetail

Just another nice buck from Banana Ranch, WI


Big Boy Mosely & Brother Zeke hanging out on the porch.
Caught this 47 inch Musky at Caesar Creek Lake while Bass fishing on 10 lb test and a Rapala Shad Rap.
They just can’t stay away from the avocados. 30-30 at 40ft dropped him in his tracks. Good thing because the field I was in was only stumps with no trees to climb.

Dusk Whitetail

Scouting for whitetail


Pretty fish

Shotgun Wedding

My good friends Natasha and Gibson shot skeet at their wedding in Wolcott, Colorado.

My first fish on a fly rod!

Silver salmon fishing in AK–I wanted to try a fly rod so bad! Our guide, Big Dave, taught me a few things and set me loose to try it out. Not long after I landed this beautiful fish! This was my most memorable moment of the trip, and now I’m hooked on flyfishing!
My nephew, who caught the 3 largest bass on a recent day of floating the Clearwater River in Idaho.

Tiger Trout

This fish is a cross between a male brown trout and a female brook trout. They are very aggressive and a beautiful fish to boot. This one is about 14 inches.

Ling What?

55 lb Ling cod. So much for fishing for halibut.

Christmas Day Grouse

Chirstmas Day 2006, Got a new camera for Christmas and had the most interesting encounter I’ve ever had in the woods. This Ruffed Grouse made it out of the woods and walked right up to me before he realized I was there, then proceeded to spend the next 20min or more circling me, calling at me and chasing me down the old road.

Perfect Day.

This fella circled around after we originally jumped him. My buddy who was spotting for me said he watched the impact of the bullet ripple through the body. The terrain was steep enough that this guy fell head over heels for about 100 yards. Couldn’t have asked for a a nicer day, blue skies, little wind, no bears, and a successful day of hunting!
Caught this on my cam

Opening Weekend of Bow Season in GA

Shot these 2 within 5 minutes of each other!

Foggy Morning Fight

This doe must have had enough of this little fox as in the next picture the fox was out of there and the doe was the only animal in the frame. I’d like to know what the face is all about the doe is making, she’s defintely not happy!!!

Morning of Salmon Fishing in Michigan

After being ditched by some buddies with a hangover, I went without them. They would live to regret their priorities. These fish were caught in the early hours of Labor Day while trolling the channel in South Haven, MI. Clearing lines and netting by myself was the challenge I was craving. My daughter could not have been more excited upon my return.
Trolling chaumont bay ny 4th of july weekend. went out for a sunset troll long lining rappals 200ft behing boat no weight in 25ft of water. This fish dragged our 14ft alluminum boat 60yrds till we got it in photographed and released kickin.

Nice Oklahoma Buck!

I have seen this buck repeatedly on my trail camera. He seems to still have a small neck though… should i let him mature one more year?
My name is Trenton Penninga. I am 11 years old and just caught three largemouth bass in a beaver pond while fishing with my Dad. Two were 20″,the 3rd was 21″ & weighed over 5 lbs. – see picture. I used a Rapala F-13G floating bait. We released all the fish within minutes of catching them. I hope you can show it in Field & Stream – gamefaces!

Hunting Stand

On my morning walk in Box Springs, Ga I took this shot of my husband’s deer stand. It would have to wait for him until next season since he was deployed serving our country.

Biggest Bass I Ever Caught

It had just rained for a few minuts and we decided to try fishing for a minute. I was using a zebco 33 rigged with a plastic worm and on the third cast this monster ran with my hook. It was like trying to pull in a log. The fish fought hard for a minute or two and then just gave up. It was like she wanted her picture taken.

Sunset over Idaho’s Clearwater Backcountry

Sunset while wolf hunting last week.

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