The Dirty Rat Recipe:
Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #2
Thread: Brown 3/0
Tail: Medium Brown Ultra Chenille
Body: Brown and Grey Chickabou
Head: Tan Foam
Eyes: Mirage eyes
Step 1
Place hook in vice, start thread at rear of shank.
Step 2
Tie in brown chenille, make the tail about 4 times the length of the shank.
Step 3
Tie in a bunch of the chickabou, allowing it to spin around the shank.
Step 4
Continue to add chickabou, usually two more bunches, alternating top and bottom of the shank, we want it to look messy.
Step 5
Add one more bunch on the bottom, leaving enough room to tie in the foam head.
Step 6
Cut out the head out of the tan foam, taper one end for the tie in point.
Step 7
Tie in the head leaving a small portion ahead the thread, this will create a nose, whip finish at this point, Lift up the foam and lay a small bead of Zap-a-gel, squeeze the foam to create a head, and add the Miarge eyes using Zap-a-gel.
Step 8
Fly in the water, the chickabou flows and moves giving the appearance of a mouse struggling to swim.
Step 9
“The Rat Pack” The grey ones are tied using EP fibers, easy to cast with a small rod since they won’t absorb water.