This is a female black bear with 2 cubs in a den in Fairchild Wisconsin about 10 to 15 feet from the highway in the timber.

Cheetah-Rhino smackdown

We were taking a drive one night and stopped to photograph a pair of white rhino. A few minutes later, 4 cheetah strolled in and created a roadblock, which the rhino apparently did not approve of. After the rhino initially chased the cheetah off the road, the cheetah came back and returned the favor.

Southeast iowa big

My grandson Tyler Wright, and his best friend Dakota Conger, were shed hunting S.E. Iowa. While crossing a creek, my grandson looked over at the far bank and saw a tine sticking out of the sand. So he and his friend, went over just thinking it was a shed. But, as he started to pull the shed out of the sand, it turned out to be a dead head, 18 point 185.5 inch gross buck.

Louie’s first pig and what a pig it was

Louie caught his first and biggest pig to date when he was 7. This bass tipped the scales at 14 pounds. He made the local newspaper, and a replica hangs on his bedroom wall. The monster was photo’d and released. Some say it was the Spiderman hat.
I’ve been trying to put out VHF collars on female mule deer for my graduate project this winter. This doe is the last one we caught this year! I am now tracking them to get winter range habitat information. Made it through this trapping season pretty well with only bruises and 2 bloody noses!

Down Town Brown

Caught by Stan Nichols in Milwaukee, WI Marina through the ice using an Automaticicefisherman and spawn on Feb. 12, 2011. Length 36″ weight 20+ lbs.

Bill Saputo with Steelhead

Great fish from PM river 3/26/11

Gettin the Kids out!!

Average fish for pyramid but, for these guys it was too much to handle. We had to get a helper for the pic. We were catch’em and th lettin the kids real these in on the fly rods all day. They had a blast!!
I busted him as he stood perfectly broadside, “through and through”. He ran another 40yrds into the bean field and crashed. I knew he was big, but I wasn’t sure just how big until I recovered him. Wow!!! As you can imagine when I pulled out beans plants from his rack and the rest is history. Net: 174 6/8

My Cuddle Buddy

Got this pig outta the Cowlitz River. After and hour or so fighting him i got him into the shallows to the net. Luckily my buddy had his jedi netting skills with him that day because i had barely skin hooked him on the lower jaw. That fish was measured and weighed by a biologist doing his rounds, it 46″ long 42.3 lbs.
Shot this bird May 13th near Rossville, KS. It had 5 beards

Giant Mekong Catfish

Fished in Thailand at the famous Bungsamlan for Giant Mekong Catfish. Lots and lots of Mekong’s were landed and sore arms were had by all,

Timber retrieving a Shed.

Shed hunting with my lab in the National Forest of Idaho.

Grampa fishes too………….

Every so often, Louie accidentally lets a lunker slip by, and that gives me an opportunity to try and catch one. This one weighed 11 pounds. She was a big one for sure. However, he doesn’t hesitate to tell me his was bigger. That’s okay though. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ready and Waiting…

My son Kurt (11) is anxiously awaiting for his 1st Gobbler to appear just over the hill. Within 2 minutes of taking this picture, he shot a nice gobbler. What a beautiful morning and memories!

Didn’t quite get away…

My older brother Capitol Hotel’s Sous Chef Matthew works with The Midwest’s best Chef-(Food and Wine), Lee Richardson, is pictured here with the Camp buck of the year, that I choked on in muzzle-loading season, his trusty 7mm BAR has a good record thanks to his consistent marksmanship. This is what happens when I recommend a stand to someone and he closes the deal.

Lonely Pronghorn Buck

On a September antlerless hunt my brother Brent shot this pronghorn doe out of a herd of several animals. After a successful kill shot, we approached the downed animal but a nearby buck would not leave, and stuck around for several photos. Apparantly he had a thing for this doe, and even approached within a few yards as we were field dressing the animal.

38″ Steelhead from Salmon River near Riggins, Idaho

Doug Becker from Boise, ID, landed this monster 38” Steelhead while drift boat fishing with Exodus Guide Norm Klobetanz.

Unstoppable Team

This is my dog Jake on the right and my buddies dog Dewy on the left. They are force to be delt with. We take a annual trip with these two. They pick for 5 shooters no problem. I love black labs!!!!

Redtail Catfish

Landed this monster redtail catfish from Monster Lake in Thailand

My biggest bass!

My boyfriend bought me a new rod and my first baitcaster. This was the first fish I caught using it.

Baby Fox

This baby fox was playing in the ditch with 2 other babies and I stop the car and took the picture. It looks very angry but it just sat there it never moved..

Rare Jullien’s Golden Prize Carp

Landed this Rare Jullien’s Golden Prize Carp IProbarbus jullieni) from a lake in Thailand. This species is probably the toughest fighting fish I have landed.
All Joseph wanted to do for his 15th birthday was go fishing at his grandpa’s tank. He caught nothing. Three days later, as luck would have it, on St. Patrick’s Day Joseph went fishing again and caught this 10 lb 24 in large mouth bass. When Joseph’s dad saw the fish he said “The picture doesn’t do it justice!”

Havin fun…….

This past weekend, we hit the river. Had a great time as usual. Here’s Louie holding the biggest of 11 that came in the boat all on top-water, and were photo’d and released. The post-spawn bite hasn’t quite picked up yet, but should start up any time now.

Idaho Shed Hunting

Been out doing what I love to do this time of year, roam around picking up sheds and checking to see how the game faired this winter…

Anna’s first goose hunt

Morning goose shoot. 20 snows, ross and blues. First successful bird hunt for my girlfriend.

Fish in the Sky!

How many Fish Do You see? We were fishing off Branford, Ct and this is what we saw in the sky. The photo was from a cell phone. Cool Huh?

up close & personal

Bear treed by hounds in NY. the only shot taken was this photo

Charlotte’s web

We love, love, love Lake Charlotte. She has cast her spell upon us. Here’s Louie with just one of the reasons why.

Kate’s first turkey with her father! (Kate and Paul Hufham pictured)

Kate(11)and I located a roosted turkey. The next morning our turkey let out a thunderous gobble just before sunrise. We hurriedly set up and got ready. A few yelps, a few minutes, one well-placed shot and Kate had her first turkey. She jumped up and hollered “we got him!”. 20 pounds with a 9-inch beard. An unforgettable experience that will forever be etched into our memories.

My Future Hunting Buddy!!!

I shot this 150 class muley, he was a 4×4 with a large body. When I got home my girl took a picture with him. She wants to hunt deer when she’s older.I have guns but I am looking for a knife maker who can make her a knife with her name on it,so if you at FS or any others out there know a knife maker that is fair in price let me know. I am so happy that my little girl wants to hunt with me.

Mullett Lake Pike

I caught myself a decent pike in Mullett Lake. If you’re wondering why I’m poking it in they eyes, that would be due to my dad’s story about how a pike bit my uncle on the stomach. So he told me to hold it by the eyes. This is like 6 seconds away from when I nearly dropped it on my cousin.

Geese Taking Flight

Driving back roads and found a field full of several thousand geese.


I was watching these snow geese when a plane flew over and scared them.

Brother-in-Law with a Bully

My wife’s family invited me on their annual fishing trip to central Idaho. We were after cutthroat when my brother in law hooked this Bull Trout in about 6 inches of water on a sculpin pattern.

New Born Son In Dad’s Pennsylvania Tuxedo

My wife insisted on taking photos of our son, William, in all sorts of cutsie poses, then I got involved! After some coaxing, we slipped him into the game pocket of my well worn Woolrich jacket and give him a shed antler to pose with. Looking forward to making many memories in the woods and on the water with Will and his big sister when they’re ready.

Big Crappie

Caught at a warm water discharge last february while fishing for Stipers. Crappie hit a 4″ Shiner!
This bass was 24 inches with a 19 inch girth. Caught with a purple junebug culprit 7.5. I caught him at 1145 pm.

Andy & Nate’s First Longbeards

2nd Day of the 2011 Youth Turkey hunt started out with us freezing our tails all morning long, no birds. After lunch however, Andy 13 has a pair strutting up to 35 yards, one shot and he drops one 18 lbs 8 1/2″ beard 3/4″ spurs. About 1.5 hours later Nate 10 has two Strutters with a pile of hens come in. He drops his about 5′ from where Andy’s fell 22lbs 9 1/4″ beard 1 1/4″ spurs!

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