Hopper Juan Recipe:
Hook: 2XL such as TMC 5262 or MFC 7026 size 6-10
Thread: UTC 140 denier to match foam
Body: 2mm foam, cut to shape with chernobyl taper cutter.
Cement/Glue: Krazy glue with brush
Underwing: MFC wing material, brown, cut with wing cutter.
Wing: Nature's Spirit early season cow elk
Flash: Krystal flash, pearl or U.V. pearl
Legs: Med. rubber legs, color to match body
Indicator: MFC Gator Hair.
Step 1
Layout of materials. I use a medium chernobyl cutter for this size fly, a #8.
Step 2
Foam colors you can use. Mix and match.
Step 3
Start by making a layer of thread on the hook. Measure the hook gap and pierce through the bottom piece of foam. This is the tapered side.
Step 4
Position bottom piece of foam and make three wraps to secure. Place a small dab of crazy glue on to hold to hook shank.
Step 5
Lay top piece of foam in position. Make three wraps to secure. The glue will help hold it together. Make sure the tapered ends of the two foam tips match up.
Step 6
Make thread wraps to next segment point and tie down bottom piece of foam. Place a small amount of glue to hook shank and foam. Make sure you estimate where you want the segments to be. If you don’t, your 3rd and 4th segment will be squished together and look funny.
Step 7
Continue to make segments using just a dab of glue on each. At this segment will be all your hair and additional wraps to finish the fly, so don’t overdue it here. Only make enough wraps to secure the foam. The glue will help hold it together.
Step 8
Make last segment and leave a little room to make a cut and to be able to cover foam with thread.
Step 9
It is very important that you have micro tip scissors to make a clean, close cut. You will end up with some little inubsi that you will have to trim and then cover with thread wraps to make a clean head.
Step 10
See the “nubs”? This is why we use the UTC thread. It lays flat if needed and here, we need it to lay flat to cover the nubs.
Step 11
At this point, I have covered the inubsi under thread wraps. Notice my frayed thread? This is the only disadvantage of using UTC thread. It important to use UTC 140 though.
Step 12
At this point, make one wrap over the top of the foam to the first segment.
Step 13
Montana Fly Co. wing material cut to shape using a wing cutter. This step is optional.
Step 14
Tie in wing material so it extends just past the back of the foam. Tie in some flash material. I usually use midge pearl krystal flash. On this fly, I used U.V. pearl. Tie in some good cow elk hair that is somewhat stiff. I love good elk hair!
Step 15
Tie in some legs. I used Harelineis barred rubber legs here but you can use whatever you want.
Step 16
Place some glue on top of the foam where you made a single wrap of thread.
Step 17
Pull the foam down over the glue and thread wrap. Tie down using only two wraps to secure. The glue will hold it down.
Step 18
Tie in some hi-vis material. This helps the older generation to pick up this fly on the water easier. It is optional, but I tie it on all my flies and I am still in the younger generation. Leave some of the material sticking out the front as in the photo. This helps lock it in there and is harder for it to fall out.
Step 19
Trim to finish up and make sure all your legs are even and your body is straight and tight.
Step 20
View from the back and top. Nice wing.
Step 21
View from the front.
Step 22
Fish’s view.