We were outside in the backyard tending to the garden when a fawn came bleeting into the yard. He walked right up to us and we captured this image.
My Grandmother was quite the fisherman. In the early 1960s, her and my Grandfather would fish Lake Cumberland Ky. This is a 13 lb large month bass.

Striper on the hudson

I only caught one herring for bait on this day. This was the fish that took it. The greatest battle i’ve ever had with a fish, it took me 20 minutes from shore to finally beach her. She was 43 1/2 inches long and we only had a scale that went to 35 pounds(which she bottomed out with ease) Truly an amazing experience!

The best three legged hunting dog out there.

This is my brother with his three legged hunting dog J.C. one of the best retrievers I’ve ever hunted with.

Wild Steelhead Running the Selway River

A long ways from the ocean, Steelhead Running Selway Falls in Idaho…always amazing to watch…

Alligator Surprise

Late winter is mild in the S.C. Lowcountry, but spring weather came especially early in 2011. Even so, alligators aren’t something you necessarily expect to see in February, even in the humid black-water swamps of the Lowcountry. Imagine my surprise, then, when I unknowingly walked to within yards of these two while bird watching in the Santee National Wildlife Refuge — Cuddo Unit this winter.

Full Strut

Not sure how odd this is for a turkey in the wild but I took this picture on Shelter Island New York. The Tom was in full strut and calling.

Louie’s Trophy

Here’s the replica mount of Louie’s 14 pound bass. Gives a little better perspective on just how big the fish was. Considering he was fishing for bluegill, with an ultra-light and 6 pound test mono., it was quite a prize. I know that one little boy was completely hooked on bass fishing that day and he’s not slowed down since.
Caught this largemouth bass with a Zoom Red bug 6 in lizard.

Shaggy April Elk…

Idaho elk hanging out near homes to escape the wolves in the forest…

Bo’s First Duck

We went on the Juvenile duck hunt in Cotton Plant, AR for Bo’s (7)first duck hunt. The first afternoon he got his first duck a green wing teal. He finished his weekend with 4 ducks. I think I had more fun than he did!!! Brent Chance (proud dad)
Fish took a black suick on a fig. 8 around bow 3 times. Second fish 24 hours later 34#

Not a bad fisrt pike for the spring

Went out fishing on crawford lake wasnt there but maybe 4 minutes and the first cast hooked this beautiful monster. she was full of eggs and was 34 1/2 inches and 22 pounds, what a toad, hell ya !!!!!


I was driving down a road when i came upon a flock of turkeys. These guys were posing for me. The picture was taken in north central massachusetts.
That’s me on the left, big brother Mike on the right. We still fish together every chance we get. Don’t know what that sign says. Don’t know how those fish got there either. We’ve never broken (ahemmmm!!! clear’s throat) any rules.
This alabama deer scored a 165 1/4 typical, 175 1/8 non-typical.
180 pound + Tarpon caught on threadfin and 40lb braid line
my dad caught this 10 ft hammerhead while we were fishing for sailfish, what a beutiful fish.
The boar was trampling through the avocado leaves a couple hundred feet away. I heard it coming closer 50 yards,30 yards, 20 yards, then it started munching on a ripe avocado. I stepped out from behind the tree with an open sight 30-30 and nailed it low on the shoulder. It bolted 200 feet then lay motionless.

Alabama Gobbler

March 24th turned out to be a good one in the turkey woods near Cecil, AL. Robbie Estes took 20 lb tom after a 2 hour hunt in a low, wet and swampy creek bottom.

Spring Elk in Idaho…spike still packing horns…

Spring Wildlife watching…

Idaho Wild Turkeys

Scouting a week before season…
My husband, a friend and I walked in a couple miles and began calling to check to see if there were any birds near our location. We heard some,so we set up the ground blind and kept calling, and I got ready. Two came in to about 30 yards from the blind. When the bigger one turned broadside I shot. Woo Hoo I got my 2011 Spring Turkey, and a delicious dinner was in store for us!
Took my Rock River Armory AR-15 out to the range today, and decided to do some 100 yard rapid fire training. All firing was done with iron sights, 30 round magazine, and 20 seconds. Firing was from the prone.

The King and I

The year was 1966. I was 14 and working on a shrimpboat out of Ft. Myers, FL. While on a 2 wk. voyage into the southern Gulf of Mexico, I caught this 62 lb. Kingfish, off the back of the boat. The battle was epic. Not enough room here to describe. My Mom took the photo when we got back to port.

Guide Joe Guild with a 26″ Brown trout

After a long day of pulling very large streamers Joe hooked and we netted this monster. As you can see we were very excited!

Daddy’s Lil’ Girl

My 3yr old daughter is the one every dad wishes for. In which I mean you wont find her running from bugs or the sight of a buck in the back of the truck. No not her, she begs me to take her to the woods every time I mention it. I took her squirrel hunting last season (2010) and we had a blast. Not to mention she carried every squirred I shot (which was a plus).

Healthy WV Brown

Caught this beautiful brown while fishing on the Cranberry River with a 2 inch realistix minnow on a solid pink jighead. The fish was right at 20 inches and probably close to the 3 n 1/2 lb mark. The sun was really shining bright and it made the colors really stand out. This is one of my favorite places to fish in all of WV!!!

Trophy Arctic Char

While fishing for lake trout I hooked into this monster Arctic Char. This fish was 30 inches long and qualified for an Alaska catch and release certificate.

Maryland musky

I am david Sword II. Last year me and my buddy elliot went out excited to start musky fishing for the first time that year. We were’nt expecting to catch a fish of this size out of the potomac river in Md and were just using light tackle and 12 pound line. This 43 inch musky snapped my rod in half and bent up my bass net. it took over 15 minutes to get it out of the current and into my boat.

Jacob Turo with his first bull trout

Jacob and his dad went to Lake Billy Chinook in Central Oregon on opening week this March 2011. While trolling they both hooked a bull trout at the same time. Jacob landed this one, a 17 incher, and then took a photo of his dad’s. Not bad for the first time out in the new boat. SPECIES is BULL TROUT

Spring Muley’s along the Salmon River

Spring Drive on the Main Salmon above Riggins Idaho

Chukar on the tailgate

I know why they call them devil chickens…a lot of work but, very rewarding.

Full Moon Laker

This was the second large Lake Trout I caught during the weekend of the full moon. This one was 31 inches and 15 pounds.

Tornadic Blue Catfish

We caught this blue cat and 18 others totaling 150lbs on the Upper Cape Fear River the night that the deadly tornados swept through NC. We found out later that a tornado had crossed the river 4 miles upstream from us and there had been another tornado about 10 miles in the other direction. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to say from experience that tornados turn on the catfish bite!

La Zona golden dorado

Fished for golden dorado on the Uruguay River in a section known as La Zona in Argentina/Uruguay border. Landed my largest golden dorado which weighed 48lbs. Have fished La Zona for 5 consecutive years. The dorado was caught on a cd18 magnum rapala in firetiger coloration

The SIX bears

This is one of SIX bears that spent the winter in a culvert near Hayward WI.

large brown trout

I could hear some serious splashing and a shout from downstream, turns out my brother hooked into to this 10lb brown trout on garden hackle. i was equally as fired up on this fish as he was, great trout

Egret fishing

A Great Egret that just caught a fish, notice the blood droplet.

Little Truckee Brrown Trout

i got this brown after work one night during the fall.

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