Today was by far my best day shed hunting! I hiked over 10 miles and had to leave the old ones I found from last year because I couldn't carry any more! On my pack are 4 matching pairs (2 elk and 2 deer) including a matching elk 6X6 pair and 2 singles. They're out there, just have to get out there and find them!.
One of the many sheepshead caught that day. Four at 22inches and eight at 20 inches. Caught on shrimp and black crab.


Caught a nice Trout Earlier this year, But now i got a bigger record

Wife’s First Bird!!

After winning her first gun at a ’11 local NWTF Banquet my wife was eager to put it to use! Soon after getting settled into our 1st afternoon hunt we had nearby gobble to a crow call. A little quiet calling with the woodhaven slate & we coaxed this beautiful tom into full strut at 20yds. My wife put a perfect shot on her first turkey! VERY PROUD!!

Pronghorn, Idaho’s Pahsimeroi Valley

Desert Photo Roadtrip 2011

She’s a beauty

What can I say..I love to fish and I spin! Caught this 9 lb 24 inch beauty on the Maury River in Rockbridge County VA. The deer were on the move, the geese were flying and the bass were bait anyway. The river was up and muddy so I baited up with Berkley powerworm blue fleck and cast my lady pfleuger trion three times before she took the bait on a top water strike.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Katelyn went fishing at a friends pond with her dad. She wanted to use her pink lures so bad, finally before quitting the guys put it on her pole and Wham! The big one hit! Her daddy was so proud.

Bull Moose photo

Spotted this Bull Moose with my Father in Law.

Idaho elk hunt

Incredible back country elk hunt….taken with a 300 WSM…

Nice Blacktail buck

While scouting for a new location for my trail cameras, I spotted this nice Blacktail buck hiding in the thick brush.

Three new birds!

Mama killdeer threw a fit when I was taking the photo but calmed down pretty quick because she is getting used to me after being here several years. I just love the way the act injured to keep you from the nest-papa killdeer was in on the act this time too! LOL
13 yr. old Shelby Wages of Athens, Alabama caught this 47 lb. catfish in Logan Martin Lake in Pell City, Alabama. It’s a good thing she got a picture, otherwise people might not believe this fish tale! And if you’re wondering how Shelby is holding up that big fish in the picture, she’s not! Shelby said the fish was hanging from the tree when this picture was taken.

Stone Arch Bridge

My Buddy got a new boat last summer and we launched it near downtown Minneapolis! I told him i was gonna catch a “pig” channel and i got this guy:)
I just recently got my hunting license and I’ve only been hunting for a few months now. I always go out with my dad who has been an avid hunter for over 35 years now. I couldn’t believe I shot this turkey. He was 19 lbs, had a 10 in beard and 1 in spurs. I was so excited and I can’t wait for deer season!

Double Rainbow Fishing

My buddy and I was slaying the bass during some on and off thunderstorms and was lucky enough to catch this nice bass with the double rainbow in the background. At one point we had a triple rainbow over us which was way too cool!!! I understand how “Zona” and his fishing buddy felt that day of their double rainbow, its pretty wild.

Natalie’s Big Red

My daughter Natalie, 11, caught this 30″ redfish all by herself while drifting the Upper Laguna Madre near Corpus Christi, Texas on May 8, 2011. The fish hit a Gulp under a rattling cork and was played to perfection on Berkely Big Game 10 lb. test. Not sure who was more proud–Natalie or me! After a few photos, the fish was released.

Bear In My Buck Scrape

I made a mock scrape for whitetail deer. I was sure surprised to see this black bear when I looked at my pictures.
180 pound + Tarpon caught on threadfin and 40lb braid line

LB lobster

Pulled this guy up along with alot of his friends

Big ol’ Bass

I had just got done caddying for the day and took note to where I seen some nice bass laying around the edges of the ponds. As soon as I was done working I didn’t even take off my all white caddy uniform and just began hammering the bass. Needless to say my all white uniform got a slightly dirty by the time i was done!!!!

The Beauty & the Beast

Louie’s Mom Jessie (the Beauty), holding up the ugliest of ugly, the invasive “Walking Catfish” (the Beast). Brought here from Thailand for the aquarium trade, they are now everywhere in Florida. They breath air, they walk right out of one body of water and to another during heavy rains, they are nasty, and have warts. And no doubt coming to a body of water near you.
Son’s first big smallmouth bass.

This buck is keeping company early

Had some does staying within about 20 yards for well over an hour, when up jumped this buck that I never saw. He was bedded down behind a log watching these does. If I had’nt sneezed he would have never moved and probably snuck right out from under my nose, pun intented
This is Clay Chapman from Anderson, SC and I caught this Albino Blue Catfish on March 11th, 2011 while fishing on the Cooper River near Moncks Corner, SC. The catfish weighed around 10 pounds, and since it had gotten that big, I decided to release him. Maybe someone else will catch him one day and share the same experience that I had when I caught it.

Ohio archery

Ohio white-tail archery hunt

Edible Banana Spider

This is a Banana Spider, a delicacy in this part of the world. I found him on my front porch about three weeks ago, and have been watching him grow. Finally he got to edible size and a friend of mine snapped this pic and roasted him up. Yes they do bite, will post a pic of one of their fangs soon.

October Brook Trout

Fishing one October afternoon I drifted my bait along a large rock in a turn in the creek. I pulled out this beautiful Brookie and took some pictures along with the fall leaves floating in the stream. After admiring his colors and markings I released him.

Preseason Scouting Ram

Found this ram while out fishing in a mountain lake. Saw two other rams with him so took a break, hiked up on 2 smaller ones and out from behind a rock this guy stepped out and was extremly curious. Anyways he’s still alive! unless winter got him.
I guided my dad on his first Gobbler in Eastern KY during the spring of 2010. The tom came in to our calls in the late evening and he was able to take the huge bird which weighed 23 LBS and has a 11.5 inch beard. Pictured is myself and my 1 yr old son and of course dad.

the fight

Went deep sea fishing with dad and brother. Older man handed me the rod. 45 minutes later, I found out why. 9ft 350lb bull shark.

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