Bobcat catches a turkey in flight

This is a trail cam photo I got off my Reconyx RC55 on the 16th of Sept. You can notice its a bobcat leaping in mid air to catch a turkey in flight.

Velveteen Moose!

Got this neat picture of this bull just coming out of velvet.

The Boys are getting ready!!!

The boys were having a meeting under an apple tree!

Ohio’s Grandest of them All

Picture taken at a close friends farm. Can’t wait for opening day only 1 week away!!!

Can you count all the flying squirrels?

Here is a pic I got last fall of a bunch of flying squirrels by one of my stands.

Ghost of the forest

Albino buck at least 6 1/2 years old – quite the “OLE MAN OF THE FOREST”

massive nontypical

just got this new bushnell camera and got several pic of this giant!

Is that a PA Whitetail or a PA Moose?

Caught this dominant buck of Monroe County, PA, a twelve pointer on a scrape line in my Bushnell trail camera. Both sides are heavily palmated so we’ve nicknamed him Moosy.

the lightning shot.

How is that for trigger speed… When I checked my camera and saw this pic I thought it was really cool and probably pretty rare. The only thing that could’ve made it cooler was if there was a big old buck standing there instead.

Duking It Out!

This picture was taken in August of 2011. These 4 bucks who frequent the area were cruising through for some grub. The camera was set for 1 picture per minute. So the timing was absolutely perfect in getting these two duking it out!

Rare Badger in Indiana

After doing some research on the INDNR website I have come to find out that a badger sighting in Indiana is about like finding a needle in a haystack. According to surveys .1 to .4 are sighted per 1,000 hunting hours by our archery surveyors. Date and time stamp are correct; pretty amazing!

Beautiful in velvet

Caught this Pic the first day I put it up the trailcam

Standing Black Bear Sow – Close-up and Personal

I have been enjoying trail cameras for over three years and have multiple units in the woods to determine the best deer travel corridors. The black bear population in central PA has increased dramatically, and this summer upon popping an sd card into my computer, was greeted with the coolest shot I have ever captured on camera! Look close and you can see a cub in the underbrush just to her right.

Five Shooters, Count’em

This photo proves that waiting to see who is trailing the pack is worth while… Five Shooters in the same photo shot…with Papa Deer bringing up the rear…

Out of Velvet

My big boy, after he shed his velvet. His days are numbered!
First time I saw this big guy I was walking the dog. Set camera out and found out he was hanging out with two nice eights… Where will he be for the Bow opener???

Bobcat catches raccoon

We caught several pics of this bobcat, but this one is the best. At first it looked like he caught a rabbit but when I zoomed in he is actually carrying a raccoon in his mouth. I am sure the turkeys will appreciate him removing a nest thief. (until they are older and become dinner anyway)
I went and checked my camera a couple of weeks ago and I am frequently getting a lot of bucks still together! With season right around the corner it is sure to be exciting!

….Hanging chad…

The coon on a solar recharger wire running to the feeder battery will spin the feeder to feed the ones below.

Doe nursing her fawns

Great picture of a doe nursing her 2 fawns by one of my favorite stands. Love that she is looking right into the camera. She has a scar or hair pattern on her side so I call her “Stripe”

Bobcat Prowling the Ridge

I’ve caught the occasional Bobcat at this camera location a few times, but never was able to get the standing-still, front-on, stare-shot I’m always looking for. Well this time around I had an accommodating subject with accommodating sunlight. Taken in Northern Minnesota with a 6mp homemade trail camera.

Double drop

Nice young deer

White Turkey

Beautiful albino turkey from our farm in NC. He was seen before turkey season this year, but we haven’t seen him again until recently and my trail cam got some great pictures of him. Looking forward to this upcoming turkey season.

Albino Buck

This albino was born in 2009. He has an albino doe twin. Pretty cool. Erie, Pa.

A piggy back ride!

This bird decided to catch a ride on the back of a buck!

Bear just checking out the view !

My 17 year old son downed a beautiful Bull Elk the day before this picture was taken. During the field dressing we had a discussion about what we were leaving behind. My son thought bears would find the bounty and I thought it may be coyotes. So the bet was on and the camera went up. Needless to say he won the bet when we caught this guy on the camera only 7 hours after we left the area.

coon laughing

this coon is laughing at the cam thinking this corn is good.
5×5 in full velvet. Hope to find him during archery season!

cougar’s evening hunt

This cougar is just a short way from our camp.

Doe and newborn fawn in August

I checked my trail camera and what appears to be a newborn fawn in August. I have 10 pictures of the two together over a couple of minutes. Took the fawn 2 minutes to walk about 5 feet with mom right behind.

Big Daddy

I have pictures of this deer from last year and he has got even bigger.

The Sneaker

Trail cam photo taken in central Wisconsin.

looks like a poster shot

Have the trail camera set up on a creek bottom..i just love the mist, fog…….

Poults Sitting on a log

Had my camera set up on a deer trail, needless to say this was a pleasant surprise.


These 5 coon came in after a bear had opened up the bait and looks like one of them is a lookout in case mr bear comes back

deer fight and a coon for a ref

these two deer were having a little pushing match and it looks like the coon is going to be the ref

Lynx in the neighborhood

Lynx in the shadows.

unicorn buck

this buck has a unicorn antler coming out the middle of his head! Very unique!!

Big Buck strikes a pose

This is one location I have my Bushnell trail cam set up over a homemade gravity feeder. It is in new pine growth that sits between a creek bottom and a hardwood spance. The red GA clay in this area looked like a pasture with all the prints so I set the cam up and caught a few really interesting shots of the big buck creeping in to push off the younger ones

Kentucky Black Bear

the title says it all… This ginormous monster likes to roam through the backyard… whenever he pleases

Survival of the fittest

Photo taken in Randolph County, West Virginia at a food plot of a 1500 acre game management area.
Got this 8pt. on camera in late August Maybe he will show up the first of Octover
WE first got a picture of this 3 legged deer last year. He was a yearling spike. This year he is a 2 and a half years old and if you notice the antler on the off side of the missing leg is irregular. It apears to of been born with 3 legs there is no noticible scars on the sholder.

does anyone know?

anyone have any guesses as to what it is? cause I sure don’t know

weird rack

have been seeing this buck all summer long

Fightin’ Does

Couple of does getting aggressive, the third party watches

That’s what she thinks of my camera

Homebrew game camera set over a salt lick in a doe bedding area

white deer

this elbino doe was seen on our property this year for the first time.

Oh Crap!

Self Explanitory

Boar and Sow

This guy must have really been in love with this sow to fight like he did as evidenced by the fresh scars! During the june 2011 mating season here in Wisconsin.

Here are the editors’ picks for the 50 best entries in the first round of our 2011 Fall Trail Cam Photo Contest. Congrats to KSwhitetails who took first place and will receive a Bushnell Trophy Cam; and to second-place winner, Lilhunter, who gets a Hide ‘N Hunt Blind from Hunter’s Specialties.

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