This is a trail cam photo I got off my Reconyx RC55 on the 16th of Sept. You can notice its a bobcat leaping in mid air to catch a turkey in flight.

the lightning shot.

How is that for trigger speed… When I checked my camera and saw this pic I thought it was really cool and probably pretty rare. The only thing that could’ve made it cooler was if there was a big old buck standing there instead.


A spider built it’s web over the lense of my camera. This doe looks like she’s staring right at the spider. (obviously she’s looking at the flash)

The Boys are getting ready!!!

The boys were having a meeting under an apple tree!

Big Gobbler Posing for a Picture

Was able to capture this big gobbler spreading his wings. Almost seems as if he knew the camera was there by the way he is looking at the camera.

Velveteen Moose!

Got this neat picture of this bull just coming out of velvet.

Owl spooking doe

Got this amazing photo of this owl swooping down towards this doe.

Can you count all the flying squirrels?

Here is a pic I got last fall of a bunch of flying squirrels by one of my stands.

Holy Cow!

Passed on this guy a few years ago– Let’s hear it for quality deer management! Hopefully I see him again.

Fox Fight

I was trying to get whitetail photos on a camera I placed on a well used deer run and was quite suprised when I found this photo.

Bobcat vs. Coyote

Picked up my camera after the season ended to find these to at a stand off, I was shocked to see a Bobcat let alone the coyote in the same pictture.


These two big bulls are not backing down from each other

Ghost of the forest

Albino buck at least 6 1/2 years old – quite the “OLE MAN OF THE FOREST”

Is that a PA Whitetail or a PA Moose?

Caught this dominant buck of Monroe County, PA, a twelve pointer on a scrape line in my Bushnell trail camera. Both sides are heavily palmated so we’ve nicknamed him Moosy.

Howling Over A Pile

I had placed some C’Mere Deer and corn out to attract some deer. After a couple weeks I started noticing a few tracks, but very little of the corn was gone. I hung a camera and left it for 5 days. Out of 144 pictures over 100 were of coyotes, the rest were crows. This picture of the coyote howling is one of the neatest I have seen!

Horizon Buck

The timing was perfect and I was lucky enough to capture the outline of a buck on the horizon as well as a nice one up close.

umm what do i do now?

Our department of fish and wildlife is very interested in this wolverine that showed up on our trail cam.

Beautiful in velvet

Caught this Pic the first day I put it up the trailcam

Sow and three Cubs

Sow brought her 3 cubs to my bait pile during the baiting season for bear

Standing Black Bear Sow – Close-up and Personal

I have been enjoying trail cameras for over three years and have multiple units in the woods to determine the best deer travel corridors. The black bear population in central PA has increased dramatically, and this summer upon popping an sd card into my computer, was greeted with the coolest shot I have ever captured on camera! Look close and you can see a cub in the underbrush just to her right.

Michigan’s early morning dream

I just love this exposure with it’s mistical quality. Bushnell has always been my choice for binoculars, since the first pair I received for High School Graduation. And now, it is my camera of choice for trail cams.

Florida Panther Chases a Wild Boar

My good friend, who is a professional forester, took this photo of a Florida Panther chasing a Wild Boar in the Katharine Ordway Preserve in North Central Florida.

Just Droppin By

Awesome double drop tyne whitetail that I managed to harvest two days later!!

More than Friends

Caught these 2 big bulls doing the unthinkable

rude awakening

this was a sow with three cubs hibernating under a tree root. We walked right up on her at first while trimming sugar maple trees. then we put a trail camera on her. You could walk up to her about 5 yards. We were shocked to see this picture of the coyote snooping around her

Battling Bulls

Placed my camera overlooking a stump with a salt lick. Had these two respectable bulls fighting. After this ten minute battle the stump had been completely shredded.

Black lab chasing black bear

Every year in late summer I have a lot of bears visiting my pear tree next to my house. This year I decided to set up my trail cam to find out just how many come. To my surprise I had this picture of my dog hunter rounding the corner and chasing one of the many visitors off!

Duking It Out!

This picture was taken in August of 2011. These 4 bucks who frequent the area were cruising through for some grub. The camera was set for 1 picture per minute. So the timing was absolutely perfect in getting these two duking it out!

massive nontypical

just got this new bushnell camera and got several pic of this giant!

Oregon Wallow

Early Rut had this bull doing his ritual wallowing!

Marking Out Coyoteville

Coyote marking his part of the mountain.

gettin a bite to eat

these are 4 cubs that came into one of our bait sites repeatedly

Ohio’s Grandest of them All

Picture taken at a close friends farm. Can’t wait for opening day only 1 week away!!!

Nocturnal Giant

I have scouted this area of Virginia for several months now. I thought I knew every buck that was on the property, until this giant showed up one night. I have never seen him with my own eyes, but my trail camera has picked him up several times. If it wasn’t for my camera I would never know this guy existed. Its nice knowing that there is big bucks out there. Makes hunting just that more fun!

Angry Bear!

I have a black bear that has repeatedly gotten angry at my camera. I have found this camera ripped off the tree numerous times, sometimes even carried many yards away with scratches and bite marks on the casing. I know which stand ill be in for bear season!
Ten point came in to have an apple on the edge of a soybean field have 40 other pictures of him.

california deer woods

these guys and one more thats even bigger wider and heavier ive been chasing all year , finally harvested the smaller 4×4 , cant wait for 2012 , ive watched the 2×3 for 2yrs now grow he’ll be atleast 27in wide and real heavy next year , counting down the days

Grow Em Big in Indiana

Have gotten 20+ pics of this bucks since August. The food plots appear to be paying divends as we have gone from many good bucks, to some great bucks to this one exceptional buck.

Bull with Odd Rack

I captured this bull with an odd rack on my trail cam.

Woooaaa, Big Buck coming through!

One of the biggest bucks I have seen here in Northern California. It was awesome to see it making a presence on my trail cam!

Elk On The Run

I shot this nice bull with my Matthews bow at 26 yards. I had several trail cams in the area. The closest trail cam was 200 yards away on an escape route. This bull ran past my cam with the arrow still in him.

Gene Simmons Bull Elk

Set the camera up on a spring and had over 1000 pictures in 3 days. Caught this bull giving us his best KISS tongue!

Ring Side Seat

Great South Dakota fight and the young guy is learning his lessons. Harvested the big guy on left in late October.

Tebow, the great hunter

Little joke for my son.

Outta My Way!

I set out a coyote carcass with a trail camera set close by behind our home in east central Iowa. In this particular photo, the larger eagle (I believe it is a golden eagle) flies in when the bald eagles are trying to get to his food. I watched the action from a 200 yards away from our house (in background) and the bald eagles stayed away when this particular eagle would come in to feed.

Rare Badger in Indiana

After doing some research on the INDNR website I have come to find out that a badger sighting in Indiana is about like finding a needle in a haystack. According to surveys .1 to .4 are sighted per 1,000 hunting hours by our archery surveyors. Date and time stamp are correct; pretty amazing!

Pine marten eating my bone!

One of 167 pictures of pine marten over a three month period.


Noticed that the molasses block had been pulled up around the top of the sapling it was hung from. These guys just don’t give up.

Creepy Shot

Creepy shot of a guy in front of my trail camera….

Here are the editors’ picks for the 50 best entries in our 2011 Fall Trail Cam Photo Contest. Congrats to KSwhitetails who took first place with his “Bobcat catches a turkey in flight” shot and will receive the grand prize: a pair of Steiner 10×42 Predator Xtreme binoculars.

Congratulations to all this year’s winners and thanks to everyone for the hundreds of great submissions.

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