Under Armour/Cold Gear Stretch Gloves Go from your bike to the stand, with the same pair of gloves from Under Armor. Waterproof, breathable and with the sticky silicone palms you can comfortably hold a gun, bow, or the handlebars. MSRP: $34.99
Kolpin/Stealth Exhaust 2.0 Made from tough steel with a powder-coated finish, Kolpin claims that this add-on muffler will reduce most ATV or UT noise by about 50 percent. It mounts in 15 minutes. Be mindful to follow instructions. When used at high altitude (over 5000 feet) it may restrict performance. MSRP: $141.30
Sta-Bil/Fuel Stabilizer If the weather falls below freezing and your bike is out in the elements for more than week, make sure you add Sta-bil fuel conditioner. This stuff is significant insurance for a quick start from moisture-free fuel, no matter how cold it gets. A critical additive if you’re running a carbureted machine in low temps. One 8-ounce bottle treats 20 gallons. MSRP: $7.99
UTV Parts Universal Heater Kit If cutting hoses and splicing a few wires doesn’t scare you, you can have a dramatically warmer trip to the deer blind. With a set of basic tools, you can install this universal heater in about an hour. Just make sure you read the instructions. If an install issue comes up, the company has customer service, but not over the weekend. MSRP: $250.00
RedHead/Classic Fleece Half Mask Keep your face from going numb while wearing a helmet. This half fleece mask has holes to breathe and a look that Hannibal Lector would have embraced. Just don’t wear it into the bank on a cold day. MSRP: $9.99
Arkansas Deer Loader Free your back and shoulders while you scoop your whitetail up like a little dozer. The lifting mechanism lays flat on the ground allowing one man to slide the deer. The platform is 36″x28″x5½”. The winch is not included. MSRP: $269.95
Thumb Buddy Relieve sore hands and improve throttle control with this throttle extension. The rubber-coated Thumb Buddy bolts on to most new ATV’s in minutes. The stainless steel segments clamp together for strength and the extender arm can be custom fitted to any hand sizes. MSRP: $17.99
Kolpin/Hand Guard w/Mirror Black This mirror-hand guard is one of those items that once you install it, you’ll never understand how you got along without it. Being able to look behind you while driving is a basic, safety need and this mirror is a huge improvement–especially with a helmet on. Add keeping your hand from being slapped by a limb at 30 mph, and you have a win-win on the safety and comfort scale. The kit includes two mirror-guards and mounting hardware. MSRP: $42.99
Power-Pak Tree Stand Carrier Designed to transport a treestand on an ATV in total silence, these u-mounted brackets cradle a stand with cushioned camo-covered arms preventing the tree stand from touching metal. Two holding straps keep the stand in place even over the roughest terrain. Made from aircraft aluminum, it’s only 4 pounds. MSRP: $54.95
Mobile Hunter Tower Stand This goes from a strange-looking roll cage to a tower stand in about one minute. If rifle hunting is your game and big open fields are your chosen terrain, this portable tower stand may be ideal. Mount it to your machine, drive to where you want to put the stand, prop it up, and leave it behind. Weight capacity is a generous 500 pounds. MSRP: $599.99
Gear Gator ATV Rack This handy, overhead rack is ideal for big deer leases to move pipe, lumber or ladder stands. The company also makes accessory clamps that mount on the risers to hold tools, firearms, or add a canopy accessory for a rain cover-blind. The rack will hold up to 250lbs. of gear, and the brackets will stretch to 80″ long and 40″ high. MSRP: $229.99
Master Pull/Synthetic Winch Rope Retire your old steel winch cable and install this supple hand-friendly synthetic winch rope to your UT or ATV. It won’t kink, has 5500 pounds of strength, and will vastly improve the mood of your next extraction. 3/16″ x 50′ with hook. MSRP: $89.45
Warn/Steel Receiver Shackle Bracket Slip this shackle mount into your rear receiver and you have an ideal recovery or pulling point. Includes bracket, hitch pin, and shackle. MSRP: $26.04
Universal 2-Inch Receiver Winch Mount Imagine this…your bike is stuck and the best place to use your winch to pull from is behind the bike. This standard 2-inch receiver mount keeps a winch in the rear of the machine. With a matching receiver mount in the front and an extra wire set-up, you can pick and choose either a front or back extraction. MSRP: $96.29
RotopaX Fuel Pack 4 Gallon Carrying extra fuel is not just a convenience, it can be a necessity saving you a long, cranky walk back to the house or camp. These flat gas tanks take up very little space and will hold up to four gallons of fuel. The spout won’t vibrate loose and they can be mounted in several positions. The mounting brackets are extra. MSRP: $99.99
Dunlop/Quadmax Tires Stock ATV tires will often limit your ability to move your machine out of deep mud or climb steep rocks. Choose a pair of Quadmax tires and you’ll have fewer flats and dominate those nasty, machine-eating mud holes. It’s like turning your quad into a bulldozer. Tip: Dealers will often give you a deal on a new set of tires when purchasing a new ATV. MSRP: $85.85 to 93.68
Crashkit GT-1ATV Survival Kit If it’s cold outside, you need to pack a survival kit. Even if you’re riding on a ranch or farm, this kit could deliver huge if you get hurt, or your bike breaks down. Designed for winter ATV and snow machine riders, this case contains 53 of the most essential items needed in a survival situation. Packaged in a bright red striped Pelican case, it will float, is indestructible, and is easy to locate. Go to the web site to see the contents list. MSRP: $129.95
Hot Buy: Cabela’s/Extension Cable Marked down from $129.00 to $69.99, this soft ¼”, 60′ long synthetic cable is an ideal extension to carry for your winch. Easy threading into snatch blocks, won’t fray, and is so much easier on your hands than steel. The cable is rated to 4,000 pounds. Buy here: Cabela’s