Hidden Charm: The Strangest Camo On The Web

As the F&S summer intern, I saw plenty of camouflaged guns, bows, tree stands, and blinds. When I fact-checked articles … Continued

Be cooler than everyone else on the subway. They won’t even notice. From iStyles.com
Hide your voice this Thursday night at the karaoke bar. From Zzsounds.com
From brush to bed, camo is versatile for all your needs. From Monstermarketplace.com
“The camo brings a manly touch to a regular household helper.” From Gentsupplyco.com
Because finding your keys isn’t hard enough. From Floridakeyco.com
For the modern, sparkling baby who has a flair for the outdoors. From Lilsophisticate.com
Disguise all of you. From Daily-nail.blogspot.com
Celebrate your birthday with treats you can’t find. From Cakecentral.com
Getting dragged into marriage? At least you can show your colors. From Funweddingthings.com
The way he’d want to go. From Crainsonline.com
And you do really want to be seen, right? From Neimanmarcus.com
For the hunter who has everything, give the gift of camo TP. From Baronbob.com
Golf getting too easy for you? Make finding your ball a hunt. From Stupid.com
Look again. From Foundshit.com

As the F&S summer intern, I saw plenty of camouflaged guns, bows, tree stands, and blinds. When I fact-checked articles or called gear companies for samples, I learned the difference between RealTree and Mossy Oak.

While I’m no hunting expert, I gained a sense of what a hunter needs, and what is pure luxury. In my summer of research and fact-checking, I stumbled across a few items that are both unneccesary and entirely strange. These are the weirdest camo pieces I found on the Internet.